Approved Plans & Bylaws

The Town Council of the Town of Peace River has established plans and policies, by bylaw and resolution to provide direction to the change and development of the community.

Municipal Development Plan (2010)

The Municipal Development Plan is the primary planning policy document of the Town of Peace River and provides a framework for all planning and development decisions.

Land Use Bylaw (Consolidated 2018)

The Land Use Bylaw is the “book of rules” for development of land and buildings in the Town of Peace River. The contents of the LUB follow the direction set by the Municipal Development Plan.

The Land Use Bylaw can be viewed online, or downloaded and viewed in Acrobat  to take advantage of the bookmarks for easy reference, in it you will find:

  • General Provisions and Definitions
  • Administrative Sections
  • General and Specific Land Use Provisions
  • Land Use Districts
  • Forms and Fees
  • Maps: Overlays and District Map

Intermuncipal Development Plan (1999)

The Intermunicipal Development Plan provides a cooperative planning framework between the Town of Peace River and its rural neighbours.

Offsite Levy (2016)

An offsite levy is charged on newly developing lands within the Town of Peace River, to ensure that the offsite impacts of these new developments are borne by the development. The rates are intended to be recalculated on a regular basis, based on the best information available to the Town, The rates are set via bylaw and administered by our Offsite Levy Policy. Please refer to both the bylaw and policies, if you have any questions please contact our Development Officer.

Area Structure Plans

The Town of Peace River requires that an ASP be prepared in advance of the subdivision and development of new neighborhoods and commercial areas. The Town currently has 11 Areas Structure Plans that guide development.

Transportation Study (2014)

Currently the Town of Peace River utilizes an enhanced Taxi Pass program, however, in 2014 a study was completed that looked at other possibilities, including a bus system. The study followed a public input process with residents and is available to view or download.

Downtown Beautification Work Plan (2016)

Currently work is underway to enhance the aesthetic quality of Downtown Peace River. This initiative is being lead by the municipality, however, the Town’s ability to achieve this objective is constrained by its influence over the lands within the Downtown area. The overall objective of this plan is to enhance the downtown, making the area more attractive, inviting, functional and informative for residents and visitors alike. The plan includes a tentative budget and project prioritization. Implementation of the plan is subject to municipal funding and will proceed as the enabled by the annual budgeting process.

Enhancing Downtown Renewal & Tourism (2009)

In 2009 noted McGill University architecture professor, Avi, Friedman, visited Peace River for the purpose of completing a report on enhancing downtown. His report helps to provide guidance in planning and developing future downtown renewal efforts. Anyone considering doing business in downtown should take a look through the report to see the vision.

The General Municipal Servicing Standards (GMSS)

The General Municipal Servicing Standards (GMSS) are intended to provide specific guidelines to assist the Municipality and the Developer in the design, preparation and submission of plans and specifications for construction of municipal improvements and systems (roadways, water distribution systems, low-pressure/gravity sewer systems, storm water management facilities) that shall meet the servicing requirements for commercial, industrial and residential development within the Municipality.

Parks and Trails Plan (PDF)

Outlines the Towns plans and priorities regarding the many parks and trails we maintain.

Boulevard Tree Policy

This policy outlines how the Town of Peace River manages trees in street boulevard planters.