The Town of Peace River is committed to supporting business development and investments that create jobs, stimulate the local economy and expand a diversified tax base. The Business Grants Program provides financial assistance through grants designed to stimulate business development, building activity and continued local employment. The program encourages reinvestment in buildings and property throughout the Town, and the development and expansion of tourism-based products and services. The program is established by the Business Grant Program Policy.

This program carries two streams

  • Business Revitalization Grant
  • Tourism Enhancement Grant

Please review the information included below, and download the PDF application:

Business Revitalization Grant Details

Tourism Enhancement Grant Details

Business Grant Application Form-TPR

Submissions for this granting period will be accepted until Monday, September 4, 2023 

Depending on the results of the first intake period, a second intake period will be opened in August.

Grant Application Submission

Please review the program details before applying, to ensure you have a full understanding of the program and the processes for reimbursement.

Completed grant applications should be submitted by email to:

[email protected]

Please include the subject line:
Business Grant Program Application

Applicability and Grant Provisions

Business Grant Evaluation & Reporting

  • The amount of funds reimbursed will be based on the project’s actual hard costs.
  • Fund reimbursement will not be made if the individual or business is in default of taxes owing, or an obligation funded by any other municipal program.
  • Grant funding will be disbursed once the grant report has been submitted, and has been confirmed as matching the grant application proposal.
  • Business Grant Program funding will not be considered for a property that has received Town funding related to a similar project at the same address within five years of grant application.
  • Business Grant Program project and participants are required to secure and comply with:
    • permit requirements
    • provincial building codes
    • applicable statutory plans
    • the Town’s Land Use Bylaw
    • the Town’s Business License Bylaw
    • additional relevant federal or provincial legislation
    • all municipal bylaws
  • The grant applicant is responsible for payment to contractors. The Town will not pay contractors directly.
  • Applicants that have overdue or incomplete reporting related to a previously-approved Town of Peace River grant project will be considered ineligible.

The Town reserves the right to accept, reject, or modify any application and render decisions regarding complete applications as:

  • Approval
  • Approval with conditions
  • Refusal