Outdoor Ice Rinks

Boarded rinks with lights and their locations

Shaftesbury Estates Rink – 92 Street


Lower West Peace Rink – 92 Street


Saddleback Ridge Rink – 82 Street


Riverside Outdoor Rink – 101 Street


Baytex Energy Centre Outdoor Rink  – 73 Avenue


This rink is maintained by Community Services and is Zamboni maintenance flooded, however, the Zamboni will not be operated outdoors when the temperature is below -15 c

Skating areas

Riverfront Park Skating Area – 100 Avenue


Spruce Court Skating Area – 98 Street


Guidelines For Use

Please follow all COVID-19 related restrictions. For info on the most recent public health information visit the Government of Alberta’s website.

Please use the area safely and responsibly because rink(s) are unsupervised.

  1. It is recommended that everyone wear a helmet and skates while on the ice surface. (Winter Months)
  2. Respect one another at outdoor rink(s) at all times.
  3. Pucks/Balls should be kept below knee level.
  4. Please place garbage in garbage containers provided.
  5. Please leave the ice/playing surface when asked to do so by Town of Peace River Staff for maintenance.
  6. Report any vandalism immediately.

The Town of Peace River is not responsible for any injuries or damages that may occur on Outdoor Rinks and reserve the right to close Outdoor Rinks should it become necessary for any reason.

For more information, or to report a concern, please contact Parks and Recreation at (780) 624-3204.