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We are so excited to have been designated as a Rural Renewal Stream community! The Rural Renewal Stream offers eligible workers the opportunity to immigrate to Alberta as a Provincial Nominee with the formal support of the municipal government.

View existing Job Postings through the Rural Renewal Stream.


Employers include organizations or companies seeking candidates to fill labour gaps through the Rural Renewal Stream.

If you are an employer located within the Town of Peace River, and are interested in participating in the Rural Renewal Stream to fill labour gaps and support candidates in attaining permanent residency, please visit the Employer Information Page and fill out the Employer Application Form.

Please download the completed form and email it to: [email protected]

Employer Applications will be charged a non-refundable fee for application processing.

$300.00 for applications of 1 to 4 positions
$500.00 for application of 5 to 10 positions


Candidates include individuals seeking employment and permanent residency in Canada through the Rural Renewal Stream. Also known as an employee, job seeker, newcomer, or immigrant.

If you are a non-Canadian resident who is interested in obtaining permanent residency by living and working within the Town of Peace River, please visit the Candidate Information Page.

Application Process 

Applications will require a 30-day review process.

The Town of Peace River receives numerous questions on how the Rural Renewal Stream Process works, please see below for the steps involved.

Step 1: Employer Submits Application to join the Rural Renewal Program: 

Employers with vacancies submit an application to the Town of Peace River Economic Development Committee to join the Rural Renewal Program.

Step 2: Review of Employer Application: 

The Town of Peace River will review applications and may conduct an interview with the employer to determine eligibility and participation in the program. Employers will be specifically requested to provide details on how they will support endorsed candidates transition and integration into the community.

Employers that are not willing to take an active role in supporting endorsed candidates’ integration into the community WILL NOT be accepted into the program.

Step 3: Job Vacancy Posted: 

The Town of Peace River posts the employer’s vacancy to the Town of Peace River Rural Renewal Stream Job Posting Board.

Step 4: Candidates Apply for Position: 

Prospective candidates review the available Rural Renewal job postings and apply directly to the employer for positions they qualify for.

Step 5: Employer Issues Job Offer: 

Employer issues a job offer to the candidate for full time, permanent work.

Step 6: The Employer Applies to the Town of Peace River for Letter of Endorsement: 

The employer applies to the Town of Peace River for a Letter of Endorsement on behalf of the candidate.

Step 7: The Town of Peace River Issues Endorsement Letter to Candidate: 

The Town of Peace River issues an endorsement letter directly to the candidate.

Step 8: Candidate Applies for Provincial Nomination: 

The candidate applies for provincial nomination through the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program Portal Home · Alberta Advantage Immigration Program Portal

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  2. Employer Information
  3. Job Posting Board

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I want to immigrate to Peace River. How do I obtain a Letter of Endorsement?
    The Town of Peace River cannot offer Letters of Endorsement directly to prospective candidates. Candidates must receive a job offer from an employer who is based in Peace River and has been approved by the Town under the Rural Renewal Stream. It is the responsibility of the employer to apply to the program, vet and select the best candidate and request a Letter of Endorsement on their behalf. Once an employer has been approved under the Rural Renewal Program, their eligible job vacancies will be posted to the Job Board. Prospective employees must follow the application details within each job posting.
  2. I want to apply for a position, where can I confirm that my experience, education, language and settlement funds make me eligible under the Rural Renewal Stream for permanent residency?
    The province of Alberta website lists eligibility requirements: https://www.alberta.ca/aaip-rural-renewal-stream-eligibility.aspx#jumplinks-1
  1. Is the program open to candidates who are already in Canada?
    The Rural Renewal Program is open to prospective employees who are outside Canada, as well as those who are already in Canada. Candidates already in Canada must be here with valid temporary status.
  2. Once I receive a Letter of Endorsement, how soon do I need to apply to the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program?
    Once the Letter of Endorsement is issued, the employee is expected to enter their information into the AAIP Portal as soon as possible. This is part of their commitment to the employer and the community. Once the information is entered into the portal, the nomination for permanent residency begins immediately.
  3. As a local employer with labour needs, how do I know if the Rural Renewal Stream (RRS) is the best option for me?
    The RRS is a good option for employers who are having difficulties finding candidates who are qualified to fill a given position or are willing to perform the work required and where existing federal temporary worker programs are not a good fit for their business needs.The RRS is an opportunity to hire a candidate with temporary status in the community that the business wouldn’t otherwise be able to hire under current federal or provincial temporary worker programs. The RRS is also an opportunity to bring new individuals into the community who will be the right fit for the needed position. The RRS also presents the employer with the possibility of a candidate staying on with the business on a permanent basis once they’ve acquired Permanent Resident status.
  4. Do employers need to complete a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)
    The RRS offers employers the opportunity to wave the LMIA for the job vacancies by requesting a Letter of Endorsement from the Town of Peace River. An LMIA is not required for employers who recruit for vacant positions through this program.
  5. What happens if the job doesn’t work out?
    Both the employer and employee still have their rights under the Employment Standards Code. Should the employer or employee choose to end the employment agreement, the employer must follow employment standards and regulations to terminate their employment. Once employment has been terminated, it is the responsibility of the employer to notify the Town of Peace River Economic Development Department who will notify the AAIP of the change in status of the employee.
  6. As an Immigration Consultant, can I represent a business?
    If a Peace River business has hired a representative, that representative is welcome to contact us and send in the application, so long as the employer or registered signor for the business signs the application and is copied via email when requesting acceptance into the program. If a consultant is not representing a local employer, any RRS related questions should be directed to the province of Alberta.
  7. Can the Town of Peace River answer specific immigration questions regarding applications or candidates?
    No. The best place to look for information on the RRS program and updates in the provincial page: Rural Renewal Stream | Alberta.ca