Peace River Fire Department

Peace River Fire Department

“Pride, Professionalism, Skill, and Integrity.”

Department History

Founded in 1914, Peace River’s first firefighters used buckets, lanterns, axes, ropes and ladders to protect the settlement. Rev. Holmes offered the bell from the Shaftsberry Mission as the warning bell.

The department’s first test was September 13, 1915 when five businesses were destroyed.

The mural on our hose tower was done in 1991 by Dan Sawatzky of Chemainus, B.C. The Hose Tower images came from three old Black and White photos in the museum’s collection and has been clear-coated to protect it from the elements (environmental and man-made). Inscribed on the mural: In honour of the men and women of the Peace River Fire Department, past, present and future who have dedicated their time to making Peace River a safer place to live.

What we do

Firefighting & Emergency Response

Peace River Fire Department is our first line of defense against fires or other emergencies in town. The department trains regularly and is able to provide a number of protective services including technical rescues, river and swift water rescue, hazardous material response and many others.

Public Education & Outreach

By working with the public the fire department helps to protect residents and minimize the risk of fires in the community. The fire department works with local schools and agencies to provide education and also to assist in planning and prepping for emergency situations. By planning and educating we’re able to help keep Peace River Safe.

Inspection Services

New builds and renovations require a fire inspection, which is required to prevent fires and save lives. Fire Inspectors are responsible for making sure buildings adhere to the Alberta Fire Code and properties are well maintained. The Fire Inspector enforces the Alberta Fire Code ensuring hazards are identified and removed. The Fire Inspector also educates owners and occupants of the buildings in the area about the importance of fire safety.

In cases where the Bylaw and/or the Alberta Fire Code is violated, legal action is initiated. There is the possibility of a fine levied against the owner or business.