Taxi Pass Program

Taxi Pass Purchasing Appointments

Appointments are required to purchase Taxi Passes.  You can book your appointment online by clicking the button below or call (780) 624-1000.  If you need to APPLY for the program please scroll down to the online application section, do not use the booking button.

Applying & Renewing

Whether you are applying for the first time or renewing for another year, you can fill out the application form online. The form allows you to quickly and easily use a smart phone to upload photos of your documents, or you can scan your documents and upload them from a computer.

If you are having trouble submitting online, please call (780)624-1000 for assistance. Do not bring documents to the office without calling ahead, they will not be accepted without a prior appointment.  An appointment to purchases passes is NOT a renewal appointment.

It will take up to 5 business days for your application to be processed. We will contact you to let you know if your application has been approved.

What is the Taxi Pass Program?

The Taxi Pass Program is an income-based program that helps reduce the cost of taxi rides for eligible clients who live in the Town of Peace River. Every month clients can buy 3 booklets of 20 tickets each. One booklet costs $15. Each booklet provides $100 in Taxi rides, for approximately an 85% subsidy.

Who is Eligible for the Taxi Pass Program?

To qualify for Taxi Passes you must live in Peace River and be at least 18 or older (Students at Northern Lakes College can apply if they are under 18). You must also meet one of the following criteria.

  • Senior age 65 and over.  NEW as of AUGUST 1, 2021 new Senior Applicants will require proof of income.  Income Levels are based on the Alberta Seniors Supports Program: annual income below $28,785 for a single individual or combined family income below $46,745 for a Senior with a spouse or partner.  Seniors who are applying for the first time must submit proof of age, residency and either a Notice of Assessment or Income Tax Summary for yourself and your spouse or partner, if applicable.  As long as you remain Active on the program, and purchase passes at least once in year, you don’t need to reapply.
  • AISH (Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped) recipient. AISH clients need to provide a copy of your current AISH card and Proof of Residency.  You can also ask your AISH worker for a letter confirming you are on AISH if you don’t have a card.  You will need to reapply before January 31 every year.
  • Disability: Individuals with a physical or mental disability and income below $15,000 for a single person with no children or below $25,000 for combined family income for a person who lives with a partner and or children. You will need to provide a copy of your current Notice of Assessment or Income Tax Summary, and Proof of Residency.  If you live with a spouse or partner, you will also need a copy of their current Notice of Assessment or Income Tax Summary.  Disability Clients will need to renew by May 31 every year.
  • Low Income – Individual: Annual income below $15,000 for a single person with no children.  You will need to provide a copy of your current Notice of Assessment or Income Tax Summary, and Proof of Residency. Low Income clients need to renew by May 31 every year.
  • Low Income – Family: Annual income below $25,000 for combined family income. A family can be a couple with no children or one or two parents with dependent children. Combined family income means the income of both adult partners in a family, if applicable.  Low Income clients need to renew by May 31 every year.
  • Students at Northern Lakes College: Students are approved for the dates of their enrolment.  For example, if you are attending classes from September to June, you will expire on June 30.  You will need to reapply with proof of enrolment the next school year. NLC Students who are under 18 are eligible to apply.

Low Income Agency Referral

If your income situation has changed since you filed your Income Taxes, or if you cannot get a copy of your Income Tax information, you can provide a referral from a Social Support Agency that you are working with, such as Income Support, Alberta Works, the Women’s Shelter, Sagitawa Friendship Centre, the Food Bank, etc. You are only able to use a referral once, the following year you must provide your Income Tax documents to stay on the program.

Low Income Agency Referral Form (PDF | 115 kb)

Which Taxis can I Use?

The following Taxi Companies accept Taxi Passes:

  • Peace River Taxi – 780-624-3020
  • Ruby’s Taxi – 780-625-6853
  • True North Taxi – 780-617-0072
  • 2 Tone Taxi – 780-618-4980

*This information is current as of April 12, 2022

Where do I Buy Passes?

Passes are sold at the Main Town Office, 9911-100 Ave

Hours: Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM, Fridays 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM.

Payment Methods: Debit or Cash

Accessibility: First-floor entrance with ramp.

How Many Passes Can I Buy?

You are allowed to buy up to 3 books of Taxi Passes every month. You will pay $15 for each book. Each book has 20 passes in it, each pass is worth $5 towards the cost of a taxi ride. If you buy all 3 books it will cost you $45, which gives you $300 in Taxi rides. That’s an 85% subsidy of the cost of taking a Taxi.  In cases of Severe Medical Need you may qualify for 4 books per month, please see below.

Do I Need ID to Buy Passes?

You will be asked to show your ID every time you come in to purchase, so please make sure you bring it with you. We accept many types of ID, and your ID does not need to have a photo on it. Some of the accepted types of ID are: Driver’s License or Government ID card, School ID, Passport, Alberta Health Care Card, Treaty Card, Metis Nation ID card, Firearms card, or birth certificate. Please contact Community Services if you have questions about ID.

How Do I Use Taxi Passes?

Each pass is worth $5 towards the cost of a taxi ride and is used like a $5 bill. You can pay the entire cost of the ride using passes, or you can choose to use a combination of passes and cash. For example, if your ride costs $15 you can pay with 3 passes, or you could decide to pay with 2 passes and $5 of your own cash.

The Taxi Bylaw requires all taxis to post their rates on the vehicle. You can also ask how much your ride will cost when you call for a ride, so that you know how many passes you will need.

Passes do not expire, if you don’t use all your passes this month you can use them later on.

Can I Buy My Passes Early?

You must wait until the first business day of the month to buy your passes, even if the first of the month falls on a weekend or holiday. The Town Office is closed on Statutory Holidays.

What If I Didn’t Buy My Passes Last Month?

You are only allowed to buy passes for the current month, you cannot carry purchases over to the next month.

Who Can Buy My Passes? – Alternate Purchasers

Under most circumstances, you should buy your passes yourself.  However, if you cannot come in to buy your passes because of poor health, work schedule or other reason you can designate one other person to buy your passes. To authorize this person you will need to come to the office and fill out an Authorization for Alternate Purchaser form in person, and it must be witnessed and signed by a staff member.  It will expire after one year and then you will need to come in and sign a new form. You can also choose an expiry date if you only want to authorize the person for a short time. Please call (780)624-1000 to make an appointment if you would like to set up an alternate purchaser.

What If I Need More Passes? – Severe Medical Need

In the case of Severe Medical Need, you can apply to purchase one additional book of passes per month. The maximum number of books allowed for any individual is 4 per month. You must qualify and apply for the Taxi Pass program under either Senior, Low Income Disability or AISH before you can apply for the additional Severe Medical Need passes.

Severe Medical Need means you need to go to the hospital for life-saving medical treatment at least once a week for an extended period. Examples are dialysis, daily IV antibiotics or fetal monitoring for a high-risk pregnancy. Appointments such as physiotherapy or lab work do not qualify as Severe Medical Need.

If you have a Severe Medical Need you can have your doctor or another health care provider such as a dialysis nurse fill out a Severe Medical Need form. You will be approved for the duration of your need only, which may be only one month. If your condition is permanent, you may be asked to provide another signed form in the future so we can ensure our records are correct.

Severe Medical Need Form (PDF | 115kb)

What If I Have a Problem with a Taxi?

If you have a concern about the Taxi Pass Program, such as a driver not accepting passes, or charging more passes than the posted rate, please report your concerns to Community Services, (780)624-1000 or [email protected].

If you have concerns that are not about Taxi Passes, such as unsafe or erratic operation, cleanliness, courteous service, fares, or other matters related to taxi service please contact a Community Peace Officer at (780) 624-2574.

I Have More Questions, Who Can I Contact?

The Taxi Pass Program is administered through the Community Services office of the Town of Peace River, and you should call or e-mail if you have any questions. The Main Town office sells passes but may not be able to answer all program-specific questions.

Phone: (780)624-1000
E-mail: [email protected]