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Town Council Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan for the 2021-2025 Council Term

A strategic plan is a plan devised by Council to guide their decision and policy making. The new Council is currently in the drafting stage for their Strategic Plan and held an Open House for residents to learn more about their mission, vision, and goals.

The Strategic Plan Open House, held on Monday, June 20, 2022 at the Peace Valley Inns’ Emerald Room, was an opportunity for residents, business owners and other stakeholders to speak to councillors, ask questions and provide feedback.

For those who were unable to attend the open house, a survey was available for stakeholders to provide their feedback. The survey was open from July 29 to August 7. Taking the feedback received into consideration, Council finalized and approved the Strategic Plan at the August 8 Regular Council Meeting.

For questions or concerns pertaining to the Strategic Plan, please contact your councillors using the info provided on the Council Info page.

Click or tap the title page to view a PDF version of the drafted Strategic Plan.

Previous Strategic Plan (2017-2021 Council Term)