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Residential Garbage Collection

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Curb or alley pickup?

Generally speaking, whether you have a drive way or not, collection is at the front of the house on the street, not the alley ways. This includes both the trash carts and recycling bags.

However, some addresses cannot access the street safely for garbage collection. If you reside at one of those addresses then both your garbage and recycling would be placed in the alley. To determine if your address is alley pickup please download our list – you can use Ctrl + F  (Cmd + F on a Mac) to search your address on the document.

Download Alley Collection List for Waste and Recycling (PDF)

Important Info

  • All waste must be bagged.
  • Cart lids must be closed, wheels against the curb with at least a metre of clearance on all sides.
  • If the carts are damaged by the collection company it will be replaced or repaired at no cost to the resident.
  • Any other incidents are the responsibility of the resident.
  • If you have extra bagged garbage that will not fit in the cart, bag tag stickers are available for purchase at the Town office front reception for $2.00/sticker. GFL will not collect extra bags of garbage unless they have a sticker on each bag. Please have them visible to the GFL driver.

Collection Dates

West Bank and Downtown – Your collection dates are Tuesdays.
North and South End – Your collection dates are Wednesdays.
For all residents – Recycling is collected Thursday and must be in transparent bags. For Garbage carts MUST be curbside by 7AM to ensure pickup on the respective day.

*Recycling is collected on Thursday Town wide.