Fall Cleanup & Put-N-Take 2023

2023 Dates

September 10-11 – Put-N-Take – Front Yard Edition

September 12–15 – Fall Clean Up

Put-N-Take – Front Yard Edition

Fall Cleanup starts on September 12th — but there’s another way to get rid of your items that to send them to the landfill!

Introducing… “Put-N-Take – Front Yard Edition”!

Starting Sunday, September 10, if you want to share your still-usable-items instead of sending them to the landfill, PUT them the edge of your yard or boulevard, near the curb, or on a portion of your property that is easily accessible from the road. To avoid confusion, please include a makeshift sign on the item that reads “FREE.” If there are items you don’t want confused as being “take-able,” we suggest moving them away from the curb, or putting a sign on them that says, “Do Not Take.”

Then, everyone is invited to go around Town to TAKE what you want from any front yard Put-N-Take pile!

We’re excited to see what treasures you TAKE!

Remember to add all of your junky items to your Fall Clean Up pile late on Monday evening or early on Tuesday morning.

Fall Clean Up

Out with the old and… no, just out with the old.

This year’s Fall Cleanup will be done through curbside pickup. Before that though, we’re doing a ‘Put-and-Take’ so that residents can get first crack at their neighbours’ large items out for pickup.

Q: How does Fall Clean Up work?
Residents put ALL their clean up items out at the curb at once. GFL trucks circulate through town from Tuesday to Thursday, picking up different “streams” of waste at different times. This means not all your clean up items will be picked up at once.

Q: When do you put your clean up items out for pickup?
By 7:00 am on Tuesday, September 12.

Q:When can you expect your items to be pick up by?
A: Items should be picked up by 5:00 pm on Thursday. Please call the town office by no later than 10:00 am on Friday September 15 to report missed items. Missed items will be picked up by 12:00 pm on Friday.

Q: How many clean up items can you put out?
A: Up to two large items, plus other items contained within a 2-meter x 4-meter area.

Q: Where should I put my cleanup items out for pick up?
A: On the edge of your yard or boulevard, near the curb, or portion of your property that is easily accessible from the road.

Q: What if it isn’t clear that an item is for pickup?
A: Tag items (basketball and hockey nets, lawnmowers, wheelbarrows, rain barrels, bicycles, etc.) to help identify them as being out for collection. At the same time, if they’re curbside and not for pickup, please move them away from the curb during cleanup.

Acceptable items for Clean Up collection include:

  • Stoves, washers and dryers;
  • Fridges, freezers, and air conditioners *must be tagged free of refrigerants by an approved technician → contact a local HVAC company
  • Furniture, mattresses and box springs;
  • Sinks and toilets;
  • Barbecues *without tanks;
  • Lawnmowers *all fluids must be drained
  • Wheelbarrows;
  • Rain barrels;
  • Snowblowers *all fluids must be drained;
  • Lawn furniture;
  • Tree trimmings *cut down to 2-meter lengths and bundled with twine;
  • Leaves and grass *must be in clear bags; and
  • Wood.

Non-acceptable items for collection include:

  • Televisions;
  • Stereos;
  • Computers (monitors, towers, keyboards, speakers, mice);
  • Desktop printers;
  • Car parts;
  • Snowmobiles;
  • Assembled swing sets;
  • Tires;
  • Propane tanks;
  • Items larger than 2 meters in length; and
  • Items weighing more than 200 lbs.

Special Notes:

➢ This service is for residential customers only.
➢ Tag items (basketball and hockey nets, lawnmowers, wheelbarrows, rain barrels, bicycles, etc.) to help identify them as being out for collection.
➢ All items must be less than 2 meters and weigh less than 200 lbs.
➢ Limit of two large items per household.
➢ All items must be contained within a 2-meter x 4-meter area on your yard, or portion of your property that is easily accessible from the road.
➢ Please place items on the same side of the property (front or back alley) where the garbage is normally collected.
➢ Be mindful of the 1-meter clearance on all sides of the garbage bin when selecting an area for the curbside pickup items.
➢ Different trucks collect different items and where possible, items are sent to be recycled.
➢ Various electronics can be taken to the ECO Centre.


What if all my items can’t fit within the 2 metre x 4 metre area? What can I do with them?

Residents can bring all extra items that can be found on the acceptable or non-acceptable list to the landfill. Please ensure all fridges and freezers are empty prior to disposal. Electronics can be taken at the Eco Centre or landfill. Yard waste is also accepted at the landfill, but it is required that “brush and branches” and “leaves and grass” be separated and not placed into plastic bags or contaminated with any other debris. Brush/branches/leaves/grass can also be disposed of in the yard waste bin set up in the Centennial Parking Lot. Yard Waste Disposal Bin Available For Use – Town of Peace River

Can I choose which of the days to participate?

Residents can only place their items out on their regularly scheduled garbage pickup day.

To find your regular garbage collection day for your neighbourhood, please visit: Garbage Collection | Town of Peace River

It’s the end of the day for Curbside Pickup and my items are still here? Were they missed? Do I bring them back inside?

Your items were not missed, and we ask that you please keep them out! Different trucks take different items, depending on size and material, so pickup will continue until the end of the working week. By the end of the day Friday, all items will be collected. If your items were somehow missed, please contact Town Hall.

Can I put my large items in a back alley?

Any items that are out for Fall Cleanup should be placed where your normal collection point is. This does include the alleys.

Can I put things out in a black garbage bag?

Nope! If you’re putting things out for Fall Cleanup that have to be in a bag, we ask that you please use a clear garbage bag, so that we can see what’s inside. This is just to make sure that all items we collect are acceptable. Any black garbage bags will be tagged and left behind.