Youth Sport Funding Assistance

Youth Sports Funding Assistance

Sport and activities play a critical role in our well-being, and good habits taught early, can benefit a lifetime.
That’s why the Town of Peace River’s Community Services Department partners with initiatives like the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program, as well as other community and regional programs; to ensure that every child has to opportunity to take part in the sport of activity of their choice.

Canadian Tire Jumpstart

This program provides funding for youth throughout Canada.

PROGRAM CHANGE: Beginning in mid-January 2018, all applications for funding assistance must be made online. Chapter Members will no longer be submitting applications for families.

Families who need help filling in the application online may request assistance through the Community Services Department for special circumstances such as supports for English as a Second Language or reading and comprehension needs.

For computer access, please remember that our local library and some social assistance agencies provide computer and wi-fi access free of charge for their clients.

*They also have a Community Development Grant Program for organizations that would like to apply for funding to offer their sporting program to the youth of low-income families.

Canadian Tire Jumpstart Community Development Grant

What qualifies for Canadian Tire Jumpstart Community Development Grant? 
Organizations or groups that wish to, or already provide a physical activity, sport or recreation program for children between the ages of 4-18, meeting the following requirements:

  • Program must run for a minimum of 5 daily sessions, and at least 5 hours in length,
  • Have a minimum of 25 participants,
  • The children must be from families in financial need.

More information (Powerpoint)

Pawatum Regional Sports Foundation (Pawatum Program)

This program offers funding assistance and free gently-used sporting equipment for youth. Please phone their office at (780) 624-6677 and ask to speak to Constable Scott Peever for more information about the Pawatum Program.

Peace River Community Scholarship Programs

For activities in the Town of Peace River that aren’t necessarily sports related there is the Community Services Community Scholarship Fund, which is administered by the Town of Peace River. To qualify for this program you MUST be a resident of the Town of Peace River. If you are please fill out and submit your application form.


This program is offered online and all applications must be submitted online. For information or to apply, please visit their website. For more information, please call 1-204-925-5914.