Development Resources

For information about development and building permits, visit our Planning and Development page.

Firms and Contractors

Whether you’re undertaking a small renovation or a large development project, there are a variety of local Engineering and Survey firms, Building Contractors and Land Developers that can help.

Below is a listing of each:

  • List of Engineering and Survey Firms – Coming soon
  • List of Land Developers – Coming soon
  • List of Building Contractors – Coming soon

These lists are provided for information only. They do not represent an endorsement of any firm or contractor. Projects are not limited to the firms listed. Should a local firm want to be added to the list, please contact Planning and Development. All firms conducting business within the Town of Peace River must obtain a business licence.

Utility Providers

Connecting to local utility service providers is essential to making your house a home or your business work. Below is a listing of local utility service providers:

Water and Sanitary Sewer

The Town of Peace River provides water and sanitary utilities to most properties in the Town. Find more information about water and sanitary sewer services here.

Natural Gas and Electricity

ATCO Gas North and ATCO Electric are the distribution companies for natural gas and electricity in the Town of Peace River. To find information about the various retailers available within the Town, visit the Utilities Consumer Advocate.


Telus and Eastlink both provide fiber internet connections within the Town of Peace River. Find out more information at:

This list is provided for information only. It does not represent an endorsement of any telecommunication company. Residents and businesses are not restricted to the providers listed.