Policies are approved by Council and guide how municipal operations work.

PolicyDate Approved
Peace River Museum Archives & Makenzie Centre Vision Mission & Mandates Policy2020-07-27
Citizen Appointees to Agencies, Boards, and Committees - Legislated Training Remuneration Policy2020-07-13
Taxi Pass Program Policy2020-06-08
Intermunicipal Development Plan Referrals Policy2020-04-14
Grants to Organizations Policy2020-01-13
Active Living Benefit2020-01-13
Workplace Violence Prevention Policy2019-07-22
Respectful Workplace Policy2019-07-22
Organizational Staffing Policy2019-06-10
Off-Site Levy2019-05-13
CAO Code of Conduct2019-05-13
Flag Protocol2019-04-08
Substance Abuse2019-04-08
Council Remuneration, Travel and Expense Policy2019-02-11
Asset Management Policy2019-02-11
Public Participation Policy2018-05-14
Social Media Participant Use2018-02-12
Proclamation & Recognition Policy2020-11-09
Purchasing Policy2020-12-14
A Local Preference Within Purchasing Policy2020-12-14
Social & Digital Media Policy2015-10-15
Peace River Museum, Archives and Mackenzie Centre: Deaccessioning Collections2020-10-13
Policy on Encroachment Agreements2000-11-25
Value of Deficient Parking1987-12-08
Lease Policy2020-10-13
Tangible Capital Assets Policy2020-10-13
Levels of Fire Service Policy2020-10-13
Snow and Ice Management Policy2020-10-26
Sale of Naming Rights2020-11-09
Budget Process2020-11-09
Boulevard Tree Policy2020-12-14
A Partners in Injury Reduction Program Refund Policy2020-12-14