Snow & Ice Management


Snow & Ice

Snow and ice are facts of life in northern Canada, as a northern municipality, Peace River is ready to deal with whatever winter may try to throw at us.


March 6, 2019

Starting Thursday, March 7, we will be clearing ice along 82 Street, from 80 Street up to old Highway 2, in Saddleback. Signs will be posted, we ask that residents do not leave their vehicle parked on the street while no parking signs are out. Thank you for your assistance in this.
Our snow removal program is gearing up after a major equipment delay in February. Our main loader, which is used to push a snowblower that blows snow and ice into the back of a dump truck for removal, was out of commission due to a transmission issue. Mechanical work has been ongoing since. We hope to be able to return to residential snow and ice removal next week and will post updates when more details are known.

Snow clearing, who does what?


  • All sidewalks adjacent to your property must be cleared within one or two days of the snow falling.
  • Do not pile or throw snow or ice into public streets or alleys. It’s illegal and it’s dangerous.
  • If you have a fire hydrant on your property please keep it clear.
  • If you rent, check with your landowner regarding snow clearing.
  • When snow removal occurs please don’t park your vehicle on the street. When there is a snow ban or parking restrictions in place the Town will advertise with signs in the area and through our website and social media.
  • Persons with physical disabilities and seniors over 65 may apply for our Snow Shoveling Assistance program. 

La Prairie Group:

  • All provincial Highways including Highway Two, Highway 744 and Shaftesbury Trail.
  • Occasionally the Town of Peace River may plow parts of Highway 744 (which is main street), however, when that happens it is billed back to La Prairie.

The Town of Peace River

  • The Town clears all municipal roads and paved pathways as well as several Town-owned parking lots. They are divided up into three priorities, explained below.
  • Work begins on clearing within 12 hours of accumulation.
  • Snow removal work is scheduled after the hard packed snow on the streets reaches 10 centimetres (approx four inches)

Priority One

All roadways classified as arterial with the addition of known bus, hospital, and emergency service routes; in addition to critical slopes within the Town Limits. The standard to meet this service level is to begin within 12 hours after the end of the storm or beginning of the next workday, or earlier if accumulations reach above standard levels and conditions permit safe operations.
Highway 744 which includes Main Street portions of 102 and 104 Avenues, and portions of 101st Street, although not under Town of Peace River’s jurisdiction will be considered as Priority One. All costs associated with snow and ice management of this portion of Highway will be invoiced to the appropriate party.

Priority Two

All roadways classified as a, “collector,” within the Town Limits with the addition of downtown commercial core and parking lots. The standard to meet this level is to begin the next work day after the completion of Priority One.

A prioritized parking lot list is shown below and will be amended as required. Ice control is conducted on parking lots as required and determined by the Public Works Supervisor, or their designate.

  • Baytex Energy Centre/Swimming Pool Lot (7201 -98th Street)
  • Centennial Lot (9717 – 98th Avenue)
  • 99th Street Lot (10021- 99th Street) commonly known as the “Mac Parking Lot.”
  • All other Town-owned parking lots

Priority Three

All roadways classified as, “local” within the Town Limits with the addition of driveway approaches and back lanes. The standard to meet this level is to begin the next work day after completion of Priority Two and subject to the availability of labour and equipment.

*After a heavy snowfall or in extreme conditions, the Public Works Supervisor, or their designate may redirect priorities until extreme conditions no longer exist.
**Highway Two, which includes the Peace River bridge, falls under the jurisdiction of Alberta Transportation who contract snow removal on highways in the region to La Prairie Works. For questions related to snow management on Provincial roads in the area contact La Prairie Works at 780-332-4452