Street Parking


Street Parking

Parking in Peace River is governed under Bylaw 1746: Traffic and Streets for more information you can consult the bylaw or contact our bylaw department via email or phone 780-624-2574

Trailers, RV’s, and Motorhomes

When looking for a spot to park your trailer, RV or motorhome for a time, we ask that they be parked in a garage, driveway or storage area, but not on our residential streets.

Why can’t I leave my trailer parked on a residential street?

Safety is the big reason. Large vehicles can obstruct access to sewers, fire hydrants or properties. Many bigger ones, especially if parked near a corner can limit a drivers field of view when approaching an intersection, this is extremely dangerous for pedestrians.

What does this apply to?

Any motorhome or recreational vehicle over six metres in length and any and all trailers, that includes utility trailers, camping trailers, boat trailers, etc.

Are there exceptions?

The bylaw states that no trailers may be parked on residential streets at anytime, however, we allow a grace period . You will not receive a ticket if you follow these basic guidelines:

  1. The only exception is a 24 hour period for the purposes of loading or unloading.
  2. Trailers parked for loading/unloading must be attached to a towing vehicle at all times.
  3. Sliders & steps must not extend into driving lanes.
  4. Hoses & electrical connections shall not pose a trip hazard to pedestrians.