Snow Removal Update – January 3, 2023

Posted January 3, 2023

Starting at 2AM on Wednesday morning, Public Works crews, with contractor support, will begin grading and removing snow in the downtown area, including Main Street.

During the day on Wednesday, crews will begin rolling and picking up in Shaftesbury Estates, and, as time allows, Lower West Peace.

Thursday, January 5th, crews will complete snow pickup for all Priority 1 roads in the South End, as well as begin clearing other priority roads.

Friday, January 6th, crews will be in the North End, completing pickup for all windrowed streets.

Please work with us to maintain the accessibility of our community by:

Removing vehicles from the street! This gives crews space to work and maximizes the effectiveness of the plowing operations!
– Clearing the sidewalk along your property (remember that snow should not be moved into the street).
– Helping your friends and neighbours by clearing snow for properties displaying the Snow Angel program sign.

Check the snow removal priority of your street and neighbourhood, find details about the Town’s snow removal priorities, residents’ snow removal responsibilities, and the Snow Angel program by clicking or tapping the link below.


Snow & Ice Management

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