Boards & Committees

Agencies, Boards, & Committees (ABCs)

In addition to the elected Town Council, decision-making at the Town of Peace River includes the Agencies, Boards, and Committees (ABCs). These organizations require local residents to take part in the planning, advisory or decision-making process. Depending on the organization to role may vary from advisory to quasi-judicial.

If you are interested in applying for one of the Agencies, Boards, or Committees, read the description below and fill out the application at the bottom of this page. IF you have questions please contact us at (780) -624-2574

Municipal Library Board

If you possess a love of reading and would like to provide input into our library direction and enhancement, this is a great way to participate. With a small time commitment, you can contribute a lot. There are 10 required meetings a year, one a month for 10 months, and participation in various

Everyone is welcome. Meetings are open to the public to observe. Board meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at 6PM at the Library

Museum Advisory Board

The Museum Advisory Board makes recommendations to Town Council regarding policies and strategic planning to ensure the preservation and interpretation of Peace River’s heritage resources and helps facilitate ongoing and effective communication with the community.

The Board meets the third Wednesday of January, March, June, September and November at 7pm.

Municipal Planning Commission

The Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) has several immediate openings. As a member of the MPC you’re part of a decision-making authority within the Town of Peace River. This important committee helps to guide the municipality in its core function – development of the town.
That includes decisions on development permit applications for discretionary uses and variance requests to the Land Use Bylaw development standards. You also provide advice and feedback to the Planning and Development Department, on strategic projects and plans.

The Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) has several immediate openings.

Subdivision Development Appeal Board

As a member of the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) you hear and make decisions on appeals related to Stop Orders, Development, and Subdivisions.  As a statutory body intended to perform an independent adjudicative function that hears complaints and functions like a court, it is an administrative board mandated by the Municipal Government Act and created by a municipality to carry our appropriate functions and procedures. SDAB’s exercise what are called ‘quasi-judicial functions.’ This means that they make a finding of fact based on evidence and then, apply legal rules, as found in the legislation and the planning instruments, to those findings. This process allows the SDAB to make a decision on a subdivision or a development matter after conducting a hearing fairly and in accordance with legislation, administrative law, and the principles of natural justice. The SDAB decisions are final and cannot be overturned unless the board makes an error in some aspect of law or jurisdiction.

The Subdivision and Development Appeal Board has several immediate openings.

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