Economic Development Committee

The Town of Peace River has collaborated with the Peace River Chamber of Commerce to establish a new Economic Development Committee (EDC). The EDC will assist Town of Peace River staff and Council in supporting, enhancing, and promoting business and economic activity within Peace River. The Committee’s role is to plan and undertake economic development initiatives, to advise and support Peace River Council on matters relating to the local economy and business community, and to act as a liaison between Council and the business community.

EDC Job Fair

The Peace River & Area Job Fair is back on Sept. 27, 2023! The full list of employers participating in this year’s event is available here:

Peace River & Area Job Fair 2023

EDC Work Plan

In June 2022, The Economic Development Committee of the Town of Peace River conducted a survey to understand the strength of and opportunities for our business community and help to inform the Committee’s priorities and actions. This survey was for all residents, business owners/operators and community members to provide input regarding business and economic activity in Peace River.

We would like to take a moment to thank all those who provided feedback. This information was instrumental in the creation of the work plan that was created and officially approved by Town Council on August 22, 2022.

To view the work plan, please click or tap the link below.

View Economic Development Committee Work Plan

For any questions or suggestions related to the work plan or economic development, please speak with an EDC member by utilizing the contact information below.


Meat Processing Plant Feasibility Study

Committee Membership

The EDC membership includes up to seven voting members, including one member of Town Council, one member of Town Staff, one member from the Peace River & District Chamber of Commerce and four members-at-large.

Current Members

Shelly ShannonTown of Peace River, Councillor780-625-6969[email protected]
Tanya BellTown of Peace River, Director of Community Services780-624-2574[email protected]
Layne GardnerPeace River & District Chamber Representative780-618-7642[email protected]
Benji GiesbrechtMember-at-large780-618-8799[email protected]
Carmen GauvreauMember-at-large780-618-2009[email protected]
Gayle WaltonMember-at-large780-625-1845[email protected]

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