Public Works

Peace River is literally covered in infrastructure, whether it’s sewer pipes, water pipes, culverts, roads, sidewalks or pathways. The job of maintaining all of that falls to Public Works. That work extends to Peace River’s trail system, Public Works keeps trails clear of snow in the winter and maintained in the summer.

Public Works also provides an on-call after-hours service for the public and support for the Peace River Airport, Water and Wastewater Plants, and the Peace River Fire Department. They also assist in event control (i.e. Canada Day, Pride Parade, Santa Claus Parade) and are responsible for raising and lowering town flags.

Our crews help ensure public safety through river watch during freeze up and break up. They form an intricate part of flood control and mitigation and they maintain the Town’s protective dike system including our network of pumps. That extends to ensuring our hydrants work too, as they annually inspect and flush the hydrant system so it works when it needs to.

In house maintenance of our fleet of vehicles and equipment as well our buildings is managed by Public Works’ facility team. When something breaks, they fix it so the Town can continue to function and provide services.

To report an issue with water or sewer please call 780-624-3085.


Snow & Ice Management