Development Authorities

Development Authorities

Development Officer (DO)

The Development Officer (DO) is a member of the Town’s administrative staff. The DO is responsible for reviewing and making decisions on permitted use development applications, and advising the Municipal Planning Commission on decisions on discretionary use development applications.

Municipal Planning Commission (MPC)

The Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) a municipal board established by a bylaw that is responsible for reviewing and making decisions on discretionary use development applications, and may also provide advice and input on strategic planning processes. The Municipal Planning Commission is established by Bylaw No. 1993.

MPC Meetings

MPC meetings are held in the 12 Foot Davis Board Room at the Town Office on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 4:30 pm, on an as-needed basis. MPC meetings are typically confirmed on the Friday prior to the MPC meeting being held on Monday. The MPC may also hold special meetings as needed to accommodate strategic planning processes. The quorum for an MPC meeting is five members.

Please contact Planning Department at 780-624-2574 for an updated schedule of meeting dates and times.

Public Participation

MPC meetings are open to the public.  Anyone is able to attend and listen to the discussion or to speak directly to the MPC members who make the decision on planning applications.  To inquire about bringing an item before the MPC either as a presentation or as a request for discussion, please contact the Planning Department at 780-624-2574 or via the form below.

MPC Membership

The MPC membership consists of nine persons, including both Council (up to three) and Public-at-large members. Council members may change on an annual basis. Public-at-large members are appointed to three-year terms.

Current MPC Members

  • John Clarke, Public-at-Large
  • Dianne Lavoie, Public-at-Large
  • Tony Nickonchuk, Public-at-Large
  • Renate Bensch, Public-at-Large
  • Jim Tallman, Public-at-Large
  • Hayden Gust, Public-at-Large

MPC Agendas and Minutes

MPC meetings agendas are posted when the MPC meeting has been confirmed. Typically this occurs on the Friday prior to the MPC meeting being held.

MPC meeting minutes are posted after they have been approved. Typically the minutes of one meeting are approved at the subsequent meeting. Therefore, minutes are typically posted two to four weeks after the meeting.

Subdivision Authority (SA)

The Subdivision Authority (SA) for the Town of Peace River is the Mackenzie Municipal Services Agency (MMSA).  The SA is responsible for reviewing and making decisions on subdivision applications, based on the requirements of the Town’s Land Use Bylaw and the Subdivision and Development Regulation. For further information, please contact the MMSA at 780-338-3862 or visit their website.

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB)

The Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) is a quasi-judicial board established by Bylaw No. 1599 and Bylaw No 1816 under the Municipal Government Act.  The SDAB is responsible for reviewing and ruling on appeals of development permit decisions, stop orders and subdivision decisions.

Decisions of the Development Authority and Subdivision Authority may be appealed to the Peace Regional Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (PRSDAB), excluding subdivision appeals that are heard by the Municipal Government Board (MGB) pursuant to section 678(2) of the MGA. The Subdivision Authority’s decision letter will state whether an appeal lies with the PRSDAB or the MGB.

The PRSDAB is an independent, intermunicipal Subdivision and Development Appeal Board established by Bylaw No. 2053. More information about the PRSDAB, including the process for filing an appeal, is available at the PRSDAB webpage located here:

Please contact the Susan Martineau, Development Officer if you have any questions about the appeal process.

Becoming a Member of the MPC or SDAB

Vacancies on the MPC and SDAB are posted here on our Municipal Advisory Boards and Committees page. If you are interested in sitting on the Municipal Planning Commission or the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board as a Public-at-Large member please fill in the application form and contact Susan Martineau, Development Officer at (780) 624-2574.