For Development

The Town’s Land Use Bylaw contains the system used for the issuance of development permits. The Land Use Bylaw establishes: the type of development permits that may be issued; the procedure for applying for and the processing of an application; the conditions that may be attached to the issuance of a development permit; and the period of time that a development permit remains in effect.

Development Permits are required for various types of construction (including new buildings and extensions to existing structures), signage proposals, home occupations, or for the change of use of land or a building.

For Buildings

In the interest of public safety and, as required by the Safety Codes Act of the Province of Alberta, all building installations must be covered by a Building Permit and are subject to appropriate inspections.

Building permits are required for the construction, alteration, repair, relocation, demolition, or change of occupancy of any building.

The Town of Peace River is accredited to administer Building Permits and has currently contracted out is Building Permit and inspection service to Superior Safety Codes Inc. Applications and drawings however must be submitted to the Town Office, where they will be forwarded to the permit agency.

For Subdivisions

The Town’s Land Use Bylaw and the provincial Subdivision and Development Regulation set out the system used for the approval of subdivisions. The Mackenzie Municipal Services Agency is the Subdivision Authority for the Town of Peace River. The subdivision application can be found on the Mackenzie Municipal Services Association’s (MMSA) webpage.
For further information, please contact the MMSA at 780-338-3862 or


The applications are PDF’s which can be saved to your computer and filled out.

Additional Permits

In addition to your Building or Development Permit, you may require additional permits such as:

  • Electrical
  • Gas
  • Plumbing

The Town is not accredited to administer these permits. These permits must be obtained through accredited permit agencies. These agencies are: Superior Safety Codes Inc., and The Inspections Group Inc.
You can contact either of these companies:
Superior Safety Codes Inc. 1-866-999-4777 or visit their website.
The Inspections Group Inc. 1-866-554-5048 or visit their website.

Alberta One Call


Forms to appeal a subdivision/division decision may be downloaded as a PDF filled and submitted to the Town’s Development Officer.

The municipal council is required to establish a Subdivision and Development Appeal Board to act as a quasi-judicial body to deal with appeals related to decisions on subdivision and development applications. That Appeal Board must hold a public hearing when dealing with an appeal.

A decision by the Municipal Planning Commission or the Development Officer may be appealed by the applicant or affected persons to the Town’s Subdivision and Development Appeal Board. For information regarding the appeal process, please contact the Town’s Development Officer.