Encroachment Policy

The Encroachment Policy has been approved to manage encroachments. The Town aims to ensure that Encroachments do not negatively affect Municipal Lands and to have a mechanism to address Encroachments. The Policy aims to provide a consistent approach to processing encroachment applications and protecting the Town wherever encroachments onto Municipal Lands are identified.

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Fees related to new encroachment agreements are established by the Fees and Charges Bylaw. They provided here for information only. If there is any discrepancy between the fees set out below and the Bylaw, the fees in bylaw shall apply: 

  1. A one time $300.00 Application Fee
  2. Annual Encroachment Agreement Fees

Encroachment from Residential Property:

Up To 500 Sq. Ft. = $150.00/year

500 – 1000 Sq. Ft. = $300.00/year

Encroachment from Commercial or Industrial Property:

Up to 500 Sq. Ft. = $500.00/year

500 – 1000 Sq. Ft. = $1000.00/year

Encroachment from a Property Owned by a Non-Profit



What is an Encroachment?

Encroachments are when a structure is constructed beyond a property line or over an easement or right-of-way.

Does this policy deal with encroachments between two private landowners?

The Town and this policy do not manage encroachments from one private property to another.

What is an Encroachment Agreement?

An Encroachment Agreement is a written confirmation between the Town and an owner of a property, in which the agreement allows a structure that encroaches onto land that the Town holds interest, to remain in place.

I have an Encroachment from my property onto Town land. How can I apply to enter into an Encroachment Agreement?

  1. An Encroachment Agreement Application, Real Property Report, and application fee must be submitted to the Development Officer, Susan Martineau at [email protected].
  2. If your application is approved, the Development Authority will provide you three copies of an Encroachment Agreement for you to review and sign. You must return the Agreements to the Town office once signed.
  3. The Town will then sign and seal the Agreements and return one copy to you. The Town will register the agreement on the Land Title.
  4. Once the agreement is registered on the Land Title, you will provide the Town with a copy of the land title showing the registration of the Agreement.
  5. If your application is rejected, you will receive a letter advising when you must remove the encroaching structure(s). The application fee is non-refundable.

Why is a Real Property Report required? 

To register an encroachment agreement at Alberta Land Titles, a real property report (RPR) is required. Without the RPR, the encroachment agreement cannot be registered. 

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