Past Volunteer Hub Workshop Information

Our workshop series generate a lot of great in class material, we’ve included the handouts and presentations from previous Volunteer Hub Workshops as a resource for you.

Volunteer Management during COVID

Human Rights & Inclusivity Webinar

Volunteer Recruitment Webinar

Navigating Financial Statements

Budgeting for Non-Profits

Digital Marketing Workshop

Grant Writing Workshop

FREE Recorded Webinar: How to Set Up an Email Marketing Program

FREE Recorded Webinar: Everyone is Welcome! 5 Ways to Expand Your Audience (volunteer)

FREE Recorded Webinar: Creating Effective Boards

FREE Recorded Webinar: Facebook for Arts Organizations

FREE Recorded Webinar: Marketing Plan Basics

Food Safety Alberta Certification

Creating a Volunteer Pitch

Gaming Information for Charitable Groups

Attracting & Retaining Volunteers

Building  A Volunteer Culture

Volunteer Awards Ceremony