Volunteer Recognition

Nominate a Volunteer for an Award

The Town of Peace River will be hosting its first Volunteer Awards. The Volunteer Awards are to celebrate our Volunteer Program’s success and the impact the program has on our community through the Volunteer Program’s contributions.

Award nominations will be taken online or you can fill out a printable PDF document and submit the application  to the Community Service Office or via email. Award nominations will be taken from August 1 – October 1, 2017 for the following awards:

Life Long Achievement Award

A dedicated individual who has volunteered for at least 20 years, has inspired other volunteers and/or led volunteer initiatives.

Volunteer of the Year Award

A dedicated individual who has gone above and beyond in supporting and inspiring volunteers, led volunteer groups or has made other exceptional achievements through volunteering.

Emerging Leader Award

Recognizes youth volunteers 18 years and younger who has demonstrated leadership and helped build a stronger community.


Lifelong AchievementVolunteer of the YearEmerging Leader

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This information is being collected for the purpose of collecting nominations for volunteer awards under s.33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. All personal information will be managed in compliance with the provisions of the FOIP Act. Questions about the collection of this information can be directed to the Director of Corporate Services (780) 624-2574.

Download Nomination Form (PDF – 96KB)