The Town of Peace River is preparing to undertake sewer flushing from April 22-26, 2024 along and adjacent to 98th Street (see map below).

Zone A flushing is planned for Monday and Tuesday during that stretch, in the area near Pats/KFC.
Zone B flushing is planned for Wednesday and Thursday, from the Co-op intersection, and down to BCMI, including side-streets


















Additional flushing may take place on Friday if it is deemed necessary.
Please Note: We will not be flushing service lines or private utilities – only public sewer mains.

If you are in the impacted area, please make sure all of your sewer p-traps are properly primed (filled with water), as our flushing activities can sometimes agitate and release sewer gases. A dried-out p-trap is a common reason for sewer odors entering a building, as they no longer prevent sewer gas from escaping your pipes. One possible fix is to pour water down your drains. Floor drains in mechanical rooms and laundry rooms are commonly forgotten areas where p-traps can dry out, causing odour issues.

In the event of a back-up while sewer flushing is taking place, please contact our amazing Public Works team immediately at 780-624-3085, and someone will be out to look right away. If no one answers, please leave a message with your name, address, and contact information, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.