You may have noticed your utility bill this month was higher than expected, and we have to apologize for that.

We made a mistake on the utility read, pulling it from March 1 – April 10, rather than just for March. That means your bill is showing an extra 10 days of usage.

Your charges will even out next month, as the next bill will cover April 11 – 30.

We recognize this month’s charge might be inconvenient for you, and we are ready and waiting to assist you with making any payment arrangements needed. Please call the Town of Peace River utilities clerk at 780-624-2574 and we are glad to be flexible in making sure this unexpected bill doesn’t impact your budgeting.

To reiterate: your utility bill is reading more days than usual this month, and it will even out in the next one. There will be no extra charges in the long run. If you have any issues paying your bill, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

We apologize for this error. Thank you for understanding!