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Northwest Peace Early Childhood Coalition
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Northwest Peace Early Childhood Community Coalition


The first five years of a child’s life are among the most significant period in development and have a lifelong impact on their learning, health, work, relationships and well-being. The Northwest Peace Early Childhood Coalition acts as a community liaison for young families by connecting parents, caregivers and service providers to community resources. Together, members raise awareness about the importance of the early years, and help to advocate for community needs, issues and opportunities in order to create an overall connected community.

Vision: To increase awareness of services and connect parents, caregivers and service providers with research-based developmentally appropriate information.

Area served: Peace River, Grimshaw, Berwyn, Brownvale, Dixonville, St. Isidore, Nampa, Reno, Red Earth Creek and surrounding areas.

Early Childhood Coalitions Outside Peace River

Manning & District Early Childhood Coalition

Area served: Manning, Deadwood, Keg River, and Paddle Prairie.

Vision: To enhance quality early child development programs and support to families with young children.

Mission: To coordinate services in a proactive and responsible manner that enhances the social, cultural, health and wellness of the children in our communities.

Contact: manning1@fcssaa.org

Fairview & Clearhills Early Childhood Development Coalition

Area served:  Fairview, Cleardale, Worsley, Hines Creek, Whitelaw, Bluesky and surrounding areas.

Mission: The Fairview Clearhills Early Childhood Development Coalition aims to endeavor to keep our children and families connected to each other, strengthen them by creating program awareness, parent empowerment, and educational resources.

Contact: fairviewclearhills1@fcssaa.org

Meetings & Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Become a Member

Whether you have a lot of time to give, or perhaps one hour a month, we invite our community members and agencies to become a member of the North West Peace Early Childhood Coalition. Being a member is a great way to give back to your community and get involved in increasing awareness of the importance of early education.

Our members have lots of fun! The Coalition hosts one monthly meeting that usually lasts two hours. You will also have the option of participating in events, projects and networking opportunities.

Have Questions?

Reach out to the Coalition via email abergeron@peaceriver.ca


The Early Childhood Coalition publishes a regular newsletter to keep families up to date on our programs. If you’re interested in receiving it please signup via the form below. You can view past issues of the newsletter by clicking the “view previous ECD newsletters” link below.


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