Current Projects


Bookshelf Project


Provide bookshelves and books highlighting five developmental domains for central community spaces to areas in need. Increased access to developmental information and increased awareness of coalition work in outlying communities. Increased participation in coalition work from parents and ECD related agencies in outlying areas.

Communities Supplied With Bookshelves:

  1. Duncan First Nation Head Start
  2. Red Earth Creek
  3. Little Buffalo Head Start – To be delivered in 2018
  4. Woodland Cree Head Start – To be delivered in 2018

Sustainability Plan:

The Coalition is in the process of partnering with local libraries. The local libraries will donate books for children 0-6 years old and the Coalition will redistribute these books to bookshelves they we have donated in the community.


  1. Peace River Municipal Library


Activity Placemat Project


Activity Placemats were created and distributed to local restaurants along with crayons. The objective of the project was to increase awareness for the Coalition and the importance of early childhood education. While celebrating National Child Day on November 20, 2017.

Restaurants That Participated

Nampa: Farmer’s Restaurant

Peace River: Kita North, My Little Greek Restaurant, Dairy Queen, Norm’s Landing, Chateau Nova Restaurant and the Iron Bridge Restaurant.

Grimshaw: Rj’s Diner & Pizzeria, Norm’s Pizzazz and Grimshaw Legion.

Dixonville: Dixonville General Store

Afternoon at the Ranch

The Coalition sponsored 10 spots at Northbase Ranch’s “Afternoon at the Ranch” on two separate occasions for any child 0-6 years old.

Children spent the afternoon at Northbase Ranch and spent time with animals, had pony rides, made nature inspired crafts and enjoyed a fire with marshmallows and hot chocolate. The children that attended were able to work on some of the developmental domains while at the Farm.

Agency Kit Project


To provide resources, the 2016 ECD Results and developmentally appropriate toys to agencies in the Coalitions geographic area. Healthy child development has been identified as a powerful social determinant of lifelong health and well-being. The foundation of lifelong health is shaped from the earliest days of life. Early childhood is the period from conception to six years of age when significant development occurs across a range of skill areas including: physical (motor), speech and language, social and emotional, and cognitive and intellectual abilities.

It was found through the 2016 EDI Collection that the Northwest Peace Region is below the average in Alberta for development for children ages 0 – 6 years of age. Included in the Agency Kits is the 2016 EDI Results. Each item in the Agency Kit Project is directed towards one of the five developmental domains. All Agency Kits will be distributed within 2018.


Super Kids Events


To connect with parents/ caregivers in our community while creating awareness for the importance of early childhood education.


In partnership with the Town of Grimshaw and Grimshaw Community Services the Coalition hosted the Grimshaw Super Kids Event in conjunction the Grimshaw Parade of Programs. The Coalition’s goal was to empower children through the theme of Super Heroes. Agencies were invited to attend and create an interactive booth.

The Coalition administered surveys, had a contest, hosted a super hero cape making booth and handed out goodie bags to children.

Agencies that Attended

  1. Peace Parent Link
  2. Peace River Inclusive Child Care
  3. Peace Regional Women’s Shelter
  4. AHS

Event Attendance

150 people attended the event.

I Am Growing Up

A book was created to share resources and educate our community on the importance of early childhood development and the developmental domains. This was a partnership between the Northwest Peace Early Childhood Coalition, the Manning & District Early Childhood Coalition and the Fairview Clearhills Childhood Development Coalition.

I Am Growing Up Book


Early Years Reading Challenge

Early Years Reading Challenge – May 1 – 31, 2018

The Early Years Reading Challenge encourages children to read a set number of books and record their efforts. Those who complete the challenge will receive a certificate of completion and will be entered to win a grand prize!

How to Participate:

1. A parent/guardian of a child can register the child online at or at the Town of Peace River Community Services Office during business hours (10008 – 100 Ave, Peace River, AB).

2. The child must be from the age 0 – 6 years old to participate and live within the Northwest Peace Early Childhood Coalition geographic area.

3. You must keep track of the books read on The Early Years Reading Challenge Tracking Sheet. The Tracking Sheet can be downloaded from or picked up at the Town of Peace River Community Services Office.

4. Between May 1st – 31st, 2018 each child must read or have had read to them 30 books. There are lots of suggestions for books on the Early Years Reading Challenge book list. The same book can be read multiple times and be included in the challenge total. Children can read books by themselves or with someone else. There will be reminder emails sent out to participants.

5. Deadline to submit your Early Years Reading Challenge Tracking Sheet is Friday, June 8, 2018. Tracking sheets can be submitted via email at or at the Town of Peace River Community Services Office.