Early Development Instruments

Early Development Instruments

In 2009, the Government of Alberta launched the Early Child Development (ECD) Mapping Initiative as part of a five-year plan to gather information on the development of kindergarten-aged children in Alberta. The purpose of the initiative, led by the Ministry of Education, was to study children’s developmental progress by the end of the formative first five years and to learn more about the environmental factors that may be influencing their development. As a large body of scientific research shows, children’s early experiences are “biologically embedded” in their rapidly developing brain and nervous systems and have lifelong consequences on learning, health, productivity and well-being.

2016 Early Development Instrument Results – The information collected through the EDI supports our understanding of the current state of children’s developmental health and facilitates informed decision-making, locally and provincially, that supports positive change for children’s developmental trajectories.

The Results of the projects were published and are available in PDF form in the links below.

2016 Northwest Peace Community Data Report (PDF – 6MB)

2014 Northwest Peace Community Profile (PDF – 2MB)

2014 Final Report of the Early Child Development Mapping Project (PDF – 5MB)


Communicating the EDI Results

EDI Presentation

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