2022 Utility Box Wraps

We are very excited to announce the second group of quilt utility box wraps! The quilt art was selected through a 2021 public call for quilt art submissions and public survey process to select the top choices.

2022 Quilt Art
Over the next few weeks utility boxes throughout town will be wrapped with The Poppy by Carole Gold, Henrietta (the chicken) and Old Red Barn by Shonna Lagace, Cora (the owl) by Christina Johnson, and Garden Party by Donna Cotton! See if you can spot them all!
Thank you to the artists for allowing us to use their quilt art and to all the quilt artists who submitted their art for consideration. Also, thank you to Peace Signs and Graphics, for the manufacture and installation of the utility box wraps.

We are wrapping five utility boxes in 2022 and will continue to do so in future years, as budgets allow.

The utility box wraps are an extension of the Town’s ongoing Downtown Beautification initiatives:

Downtown Beautification