Downtown Beautification

Downtown Beautification

Promoting economic development through aesthetic improvement was the driving idea behind the decision to begin actively beautifying downtown Peace River, beginning in the fall of 2015.


Utility Box Wraps

Thank you to the 334 people who responded to our Utility Box Wrap survey this past spring. Based on those selections, 4 utility boxes are being wrapped with art as part of our downtown beautification program! Monte the Moose and Dad’s Painting are up, and will be joined by Horses at the Peace River and Jazzy Owl in the near future! Thank you to all the artists who allowed their work to be a part of the survey!

The response to the survey and all the artworks was overwhelmingly positive. Subject to municipal budget processes, we will do our best to continue the program into the future.

Art panels

To celebrate the Town’s Centennial students from Ecole Springfield Elementary School, Good Shepherd School, École des Quatre-Vents_CSNO, T.A. Norris Middle School, Glenmary School, and Peace River High School painted our latest art panels. Each school painted both sides of 1 panel. These murals were installed along the sidewalk bordering Main Street Shell. In addition to adding some fun to downtown, the panels create separation between the sidewalk and a vehicle-oriented space. This enhances the safety of the walking environment.


Bike Parking, Garbage Cans, & Benches

In the fall we installed six new benches, 15 new garbage bins, and 30 new bike racks along Main Street. The new garbage cans are wildlife proof to help keep Main Street clean. The previous brick and stone garbage cans will be repurposed as planters in 2019.


A change to the mural program had the Town of Peace River offering grant money for business and building owners downtown who wanted to have a  mural on their building. Two grants were handed out and Andrew Olivier and Shannon Brown were both hired to complete murals.



A second mural was commissioned in 2017 through the Mural Selection Committee process. This time it was awarded to Shannon Brown, her piece is and is an ode to her love of the Peace Region. It emphasizes the natural vegetation and local plant life of the area by showcasing the Alberta Rose, Prickly Pear cactus, Crocuses, Saskatoons and Goats Beard along the bottom of the mural. A crab apple tree dominates the centre, inspired by the one that is still growing in her old backyard, with a magpie watched by an irritated fox.

Members of the selection committee, the owners of Boston Pizza, the mural artist and Peace River’s Mayor were on hand for the official unveiling on Sep. 6, 2017.

Canada 150 Art Panels

To celebrate Canada 150 elementary school students were given paint and die-bond panels and asked to paint mini-murals. These murals were installed along the sidewalk bordering the Fas Gas parking lot.

Each panel was painted by a different elementary school.



Early in the year, a mural selection committee was struck that included several community members. A call for artists was put out, and through that process, Andrew Olivier was hired to complete our first mural. The abstract piece celebrates the resilience of the Peace River community.

Members of the mural selection committee and the mural artist pose for a photo in front of the completed mural.


Downtown Streetlight Banners

In October of that year the first banners went up on light standards. They sport a slick modern design utilizing the Town’s logo and components of the Town’s vision statement from the Municipal Development Plan; beautiful by nature, diverse by culture, vibrant by choice, with colours pulled from the Town’s logo.

Public Works
Workers install the first of the downtown street light banners in October, 2016.

Winter Trees

There are 10 commercial-grade evergreen trees that are installed in the Main Street median planters on each winter. These “Winter Trees,” are a seasonal addition that adorns Main Street every winter, all winter, as a means of brightening up downtown.