Downtown Beautification

Downtown Beautification

Promoting economic development through aesthetic improvement was the driving idea behind the decision to begin actively beautifying downtown Peace River, beginning in the fall of 2015.

Following a council decision made at the August 12, 2015 meeting of council, a total of $50,000 was allocated from the Town’s economic development budget to beautify the downtown core.

In October of that year the first banners went up on light standards. They sport a slick modern design utilizing the Town’s logo and components of the Town’s vision statement from the Municipal Development Plan; beautiful by nature, diverse by culture, vibrant by choice, with colours pulled from the Town’s logo.

The next step was the purchase and installation of 10 commercial-grade evergreen trees for the median planters on Main Street. Dubbed, “Winter Trees,” these pines are a seasonal addition that will adorn Main Street every winter, all winter, as a means of brightening things up.


Finally a mural was commissioned and With the help of a Mural Selection Committee and a willing building owner, the process was completed successfully. We were excited to bring this first public art piece to the Downtown and hope it encourages and inspires further privately commissioned murals within the community.