Published: January 2023

The Town of Peace River is developing an Active Transportation Plan (ATP) that identifies the existing and future active transportation network, with a focus on the west side of the river, where links between and within neighbourhoods are incomplete. Our goal is to enhance active transportation opportunities with improved access to and through commercial areas and community destinations. This project will provide the Town with a plan for how to prioritize, build out and improve our active transportation network over time.

Community members will benefit as we work to connect to the newly completed active modes bridge that opened in 2021 as part of the twinning of the bridges crossing the Peace River. This new bridge represents a major improvement in level of service for pedestrians, cyclists, and other active transportation modes crossing the Peace River.

Phase 1 Public Survey

The Phase 1 Public Survey is now OPEN! Take the survey:

  • by scanning the QR code,
  • clicking on the picture below or on this link to the Phase 1 Survey
  • Filling in and submitting a paper survey at the Baytex Energy Center, Peace River Library, Town Office or Peace Regional Pool (when it reopens).

The survey is open until February 15.

Note, the survey is best taken on a tablet or computer. 

Strategic Plan Alignment

This project is consistent with the Town Council’s Strategic Plan, which includes the following goals and strategies.

Goal: Build a physically connected community

Strategy: Increase opportunities for citizens to use the Peace River bridge walkway.

Strategy: Provide clean and safe parks and trails that attract users.

Goal: Engage with members of our community.

Project Information


What is active transportation?


This ATP project will evolve through a 3 phase process. Stakeholder and public engagement is planned at key intervals of the technical work program. 

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This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada.

Link to Active Transportation Fund