Water Pressure 116 Ave. Area

Posted November 25, 2019

Residents in the South End near 116 Ave. may have noticed decreased water pressure over the last day or so due to a failing pump at Reservoir 365, located on 103 St. near 116 Ave., that needed to be repaired. The pump was repaired today and is functioning again.

Following this weekend’s house fire, a pump in Reservoir 365 had stopped working. As a result, it was taken offline for repairs. The pump is one of two pumps that feed a portion of the neighbourhood near 116 Ave. The Fire Department has been aware of the water pressure issues in the South End, and have had contingency plans in place such as the use of water trucks, for fire protection and suppression. This contingency plan was successfully utilized this past weekend to save two homes from catching fire during a house fire.

While the pump repair is ultimately a temporary measure, we are in the process of decommissioning the reservoir. When the project is completed (target completion summer 2020) the long-running water pressure issues, and the ability to provide fire flow, in the 116 Ave. area of the South End will be resolved permanently.


Decommissioning and Removing Reservoir 365