Water Line Repairs 97 Ave. Updated on March 21 at 5:20pm After excavating in a third location several metres west of the first break a 2.5′ long hole in the line was discovered. The damaged pipe was removed and a replacement section put in place. The line was test-pressurized and checked over a 15 minute period, no further leaks were discovered. We are now in the process of sanitizing the line to bring back into service, we estimate water will be back on by 8:30pm tonight. Updated March 20 at 10:20pm The 97 Ave. water main was reactivated at 9:45pm this evening, however, shortly afterRead More →

Closes 3:00 PM, Friday April 5, 2019 — The Town of Peace River (the “Town”) invites proposals from qualified contractors to supply and install twenty-three (23) trees, and all related earthworks at the Saddleback Park.
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