July 10, 2024
Due to current hot and dry conditions, a Fire Ban is in place for the Town of Peace River.
Under this fire ban:
🚫 No Fires are Permitted
❌ Prohibited:
• All outdoor wood fires are banned, including wood campfires on public and private lands, and campgrounds
• Backyard firepits
• Charcoal briquette BBQs
• The use of fireworks, exploding targets, incendiary type reveal items and flame powered floating lanterns are also prohibited
✅ Allowed:
• Propane, Natural Gas, or Electrically powered cooking, heating, and lighting appliances
• Open flame oil devices (e.g., turkey deep fryers, tiki torches)
• Electrically operated pellet smokers where combustion is contained within an engineered firebox
• Indoor wood fires contained within a device with a chimney and spark arrestor
• All appliances and devices must be CSA approved and used per manufacturer’s standards
As dry grass conditions exist in large quantities in un-maintained areas, the Fire Department would like to remind everyone to be extra cautious when outside:
• The use of Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV) is not permitted on public lands and roadways within the Town of Peace River limits (Bylaw #1831). If you’re using an OHV on private lands, please ensure that debris, such as dried grasses and leaves aren’t collecting near the hot parts of your OHV such as the muffler, exhaust, under your seat, in the wheel wells, engine, and manifold. Do not operate equipment in tall grass. Keep watch of your surroundings and ensure you have sufficient firefighting equipment and water available. Equipment fires or work-related sparks, friction and hot exhaust can cause even small amounts of dry fuels to ignite into a wildfire and spread easily.
• Please ensure that any smoking materials, such as cigarettes, are completely extinguished and placed in a suitable receptacle, rather than discarded along a trail, sidewalk, or roadway.
Thank you for your assistance in preventing wildfires.