Water Line Breaks

Updated November 1, at 4:25pm

Crews working on repairing the waterline near Nova Hotel are nearing completion and will be sanitizing the line. We expect the line to be returned to full service by 10pm tonight. Thank you for your patience we apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

Updated October 31, at 4:55pm

Work will continue into tomorrow on the West Hill water break. At this time we are supplying Mr. Mike’s, West Hill Dental, and Nova Hotel with water during business hours. After excavating the line a broken valve was discovered, which will require us to isolate the valve further along the line. As a result, tomorrow water service will be shut down to the West Hill Esso and Modern Paint and Decor as they are connected to that part of the line.

Updated October 31, 2019 at 8:30am

Temporary water supplies are being provided to West Hill Dental and Mr. Mike’s today via water trucks. Unfortunately, as part of the repair process today we will have to shut in another valve, which is expected to turn off the water to a stretch of 80 St. on the south side of the highway. This will impact Esso, Modern Paint and Décor and others in the area.

We regret the ongoing hardship this is causing and are working to repair a complex break as quickly as possible.

Updated October 30, at 4:35pm

Work is wrapping up on the break near the Al-Adair Rec Centre, the line is being sanitized and will be returned to full function by 6pm tonight. The break on the West Hill is a complicated one and work will continue into tomorrow. The Town of Peace River is working on a temporary solution for those impacted by the outage.

Updated October 30, at 9:30am

Work is again underway at both sites. Crews on the downtown water break near the Al-Adair Centre are attempting to complete the repair without turning off the water. On the West Hill water is turned off at Mr. Mike’s, West Hill Dental, and parts of Northern Lake College while crews work on the water break there. We anticipate water being shut off into the early evening.

More updates will be provided as more information is known, thank you for your patience.

Updated October 29, at 3:50pm

Crews working on the water break near the Al-Adair Rec Centre were able to reduce water flow to work on the break without cutting off water supply, however, repairs will not be completed today. Crews will again be on site tomorrow, there is a possibility that water service in the area will need to be cut, if that happens we will post an update.

Work on the break near the Nova Hotel will also continue into tomorrow. At this time we have been able to restore water service to part of Northern Lakes College and the Nova Hotel. However, Mr Mike’s and West Hill Dental will be without water until at least later in the day October 30.

More updates will be provided as more information is known, thank you for your patience.

Posted October 29, 2019

Public works crews are responding to two water breaks this morning.

On the west hill near the Nova Hotel, a line will be shut in for repairs. This will cut water service to the Northern Lakes College, Mr. Mikes, and West Hill Dental, likely the Nova Hotel as well. Currently, we anticipate the line will return to service this evening.

Downtown the other break is near the Al-Adair Centre. This line will also have to be shut in, which will cut water supply to 98 St. between 96 Ave. and 98 Ave. Most of 97 Ave. will also be impacted by this shutoff. We anticipate the line being returned to service this evening.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by these emergency repairs and will update throughout the day as more information is available.