Logo Selected for PR100

Finding a Logo

From August 3 to October 4, 2018 the Town of Peace River advertised a contest for amateur and student graphic artists. Eight different artists submitted 11 possible designs. Those designs were then taken to the PR100 planning committee, which is comprised primarily of community members. Based on the criteria of the contest, the committee selected the winner.

Applicants were asked to come up with a design that included, “Peace River,” “PR,” and/or “100.” We asked that the logo fit square proportions and that the design would be clear even if displayed as a thumbnail. We also asked for a limited colour palette and if possible, a monochrome option.

The winning design and information about the designer will be featured in an upcoming issue of MoveUP. The design will be used on promotional materials related to PR100 activities.

About the Winning Design

From the designer, he offers the following information behind the inspiration and elements:

“I wanted to incorporate a few aspects of Town’s history while still keeping the design simple. The D.A. Thomas and the arches on the Highway 2 bridge are both easily identifiable objects that Peace River is known for. I received copyright from the museum to use that photo of the D.A. Thomas. The photo of the D.A. Thomas is the only colour on the design and can easily be made monochrome to have the whole design monochrome.”

About the Designer

Dane Cruickshank was born and raised on a farm in Manitoba. After graduating from the University of Manitoba in 2015 he moved to Peace River to pursue his career as a bridge engineer. He strives to have a positive impact on people and the community which led him to volunteering with the Peace River Fire Department in 2016, something which he is still actively involved in today. He enjoys spending the winters learning new skills and working on projects such as woodworking and glass engraving or teaching himself graphic design. When he is not inside working on projects he is exploring what the beautiful outdoors by hiking, biking, snowshoeing, or kayaking.

Photo and text supplied by Dane Cruickshank.


There will be an art show at the Peace River Municipal Library from May 15 to June 12 featuring all of the designs that were submitted.


Peace River 100