Ask TPR Vol. 4

August 3, 2018

This is the fourth post in an ongoing series called ‘Ask TPR’ where frequently asked questions from residents are answered publicly. If you have a question about Town operations please use the form at the bottom of the page.

Back alley maintenance, who is responsible? Who trims back alley trees?

Road grading and alley road maintenance, as well as snow removal, is done by the Town of Peace River.

Trimming of trees that encroach on back alleys is the responsibility of the property owner. The Town does not trim trees on private property unless the tree presents a safety hazard, is blocking traffic sign visibility or has been determined by the Town of Peace River Staff to be obstructing traffic/pedestrian visibility.

Who is responsible for the weeds in sidewalks in residential neighbourhoods?

Weed control in residential neighbourhoods is the responsibility of the homeowner. This includes the sidewalks adjacent to their properties and into the roadway up to the centre line.

When is the grass cut on municipal property?

Weekly grass cutting is done by a contractor hired by the Town of Peace River this applies only to green space that we maintain.  Some areas like highway right-of-ways fall under the jurisdiction of the Province of Alberta and are maintained by them.

Mondays: complete green space maintenance on the west side of town, including Lower West Peace and Shaftesbury but not including the large park in Saddleback and green space area outside Ken Horneland ball diamonds, complete south end dyke trail.
Tuesdays: complete all areas in the south end and downtown as well as 12 ft Davis Events Park and surrounding green space.
Wednesdays: north end and downtown dyke as well as the large field north of train tracks, soccer and football fields, start mowing north end town properties.
Thursdays: large park on the west end (Saddleback) as well as the open green space around the Ken Horneland ball diamonds, finish mowing north end properties.
Fridays: Mount Pleasant Cemetery grass maintenance.

More details regarding the Town of Peace River’s Green Space Management can be found at the link below:

Trails & Green Space

Why aren’t the streets to the north of the Co-Op paved? What is the reason?

When that development was created, residents and the developer agreed not to include paving, curb, gutter and sidewalks. The standard for that area instead included water, sanitary and storm sewers as well as gravel roads with swale ditches to deliver stormwater to catch basins. This is also the same standard that was applied to the Westbrook Estates area when it was initially developed. This also came about due to an agreement between residents and the developer. As a result of this difference in terms of development standards, assessed property value in the areas reflects the infrastructure that is in place.

Residents in those areas have the power to change the development standard. In order to do this, they would need to be willing to pay for the costs of upgrading the infrastructure in the area through a local improvement levy. In order to bring about upgrades, the Town of Peace River would require a petition signed by one-third of the property owners in the area and those property owners would need to represent at least half of the total assessed value for all affected properties.

Is there an update on the court cases involving the airport?

In late July there were a series of productive meetings which led to the conclusion of all outstanding legal actions by all parties involving airport lands.

Highland Helicopters and CanWest have resolved their action between themselves regarding a lease transfer. To facilitate this the Town of Peace River discontinued its appeal of Justice Graesser’s decision. CanWest has also ended their lawsuit against the Town of Peace River and Northern Air Charters.

The Town is pleased to see these matters resolved using collaborative processes rather than the courts. We believe this collaboration bodes well for the future. We believe all the parties can look forward to building on this foundation and develop strong partnerships going forward.

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