Peace River 100 – Logo Design Contest

The Town of Peace River’s 100th anniversary is coming up in 2019 and planning is underway for the celebrations. Part of that planning includes the design of a logo to accompany advertising for PR100 advertising and signage. We’re looking for interested amateur or student artists to submit concepts or designs for use on PR100 materials.

Designs can be made using digital or physical media.


The selected logo will be used in advertising PR100 related events. It would be used on social media, website, posters, and on possible giveaway prizes.

Award and Recognition

The winner will be formally recognized via the Town of Peace River’s website and social media sites, in local media, and in MoveUP Magazine. Additionally, the runners-up and the winner will have their designs featured in an art show at the Peace River Municipal Library & Art Gallery.

Submission criteria

Applicants must include:

  • A completed application form.
  • A detailed concept, a draft, or a completed design.

Applicants should consider:

That the logo should include “Peace River,” “PR,” and/or “100.” The logo will ideally fit square proportions. The design will be clear even if displayed as a thumbnail. Try to keep the colour palate limited and if possible please provide a monochrome option.

All submissions must be received by noon on October 4, 2018.

Please submit applications to:
Autumn Hulme – Communications Coordinator
Digitally: [email protected]
In-Person: Town Hall, 9911-100 Street, Peace River, Alberta, open 9 am to 4:30 pm


All submissions that meet the criteria will be taken to the Peace River Centennial Planning Committee to select the winner.


Tap or click the title to download a printable version of the application form. If you would prefer you can also apply via the web form below.

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