Ask TPR Bylaw Edition: Snow & Sidewalks

February 12, 2019

The Town of Peace River has a bylaw to regulate sidewalk snow and ice removal and clearing. This bylaw is meant to ensure that pedestrian walkways are accessible throughout town in the winter.

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When do I have to clear my sidewalk?

For residential properties, you have two days, or 48 hours to clear your walkway following a snowfall. The 48-hour window does not include Sundays or holidays.

For commercial properties in the downtown area, sidewalks must be clear within 24 hours. Again, that window does not include Sundays or holidays.

Which sidewalks am I responsible for?

Any sidewalks adjacent to your property are your responsibility. That means in some cases properties at the corner of a street may have to clear two sides of their property.

Can I throw my snow in the street? It will get picked up?

Please don’t do this. Under the bylaw it is illegal, however, more importantly, it is dangerous to be throwing additional snow and ice onto a roadway. Instead throw or blow snow onto the boulevard between the sidewalk and the road, or onto your lawn or front yard area.

What about catch basins or fire hydrants?

If there is a storm sewer near your property we would ask that you not cover it with snow and ice. Storm sewers are vital in managing our stormwater and melt and must remain unobstructed. As for fire hydrants, we would ask that if you have a hydrant on your property, please keep it clear of snow. This will help save valuable time in the event the fire department needs to use the hydrant.

What if I am away for a period of time when the snow falls?

If you know you will be away, we would ask that you make arrangements to have your sidewalks cleared. There are several possibilities from asking a neighbour to help to pay for someone to clear your sidewalks while you’re away.

What about accommodation for seniors or persons with disabilities?

Through our Community Services Department, the Town of Peace River operates a snow shovelling program for seniors and persons with disabilities. This program is open to persons over 65 and those under 65 who have a physical disability. To learn more or to apply to be a part of the program please contact (780) 624-1000, or visit the link below for more information.

Snow Shoveling Assistance

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