Bylaws are a law, regulation or rules of a local government such as a town, municipal district or county. The Municipal Government Act (Section 7) authorizes Council to establish these bylaws. To view the Municipal Government Act, please click here.

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Bylaw Listing

Some of the most frequently requested bylaws are available below.

To request information please contact Peace River Bylaw.

Bylaw TitleBylaw Number
Traffic & Streets1746
Business License1776
Off highway Vehicles1831
Animal Control1832
Sidewalk Snow Removal1834
Land Use Bylaw (2018 Consolidation)1891
Amendement to remove forms1893
Addition of special land use provisions1894
Community Services Board1912
Records Retention and Disposition Bylaw1913
Land Use Bylaw (Amends 1891)1924
Peace View Area Structure Plan1927
Debenture - Paved Roads1928
Municipal Development Plan1931
Site Provisions of Section 28 Residential - Village Estate District (R-VE) (Amends 1891)1936
Group Care Facility Definition (Amends 1891)1942
Debenture - CN Bridge1943
Rezoning from Primary Commercial (C-1) to Mixed Commercial-Residential (C-R) District (Amends 1891)1944
Debenture - Sewer Mains on West Hill1951
Electric Franchise Agreement1966
CAO Bylaw1971
Establish a Governance and Priorities Committee1972
Borrowing Bylaw1973
Records Retention and Disposition Bylaw Amendment (Amends 1913)1976
Amend Municipal historical Resources Bylaw 19741980
Short Term Borrowing Bylaw - Mastercard1986
Masonic Lodge No. 89 Designation1987
Authorize the Guarantee of a Loan for the Peace Country Sports Club1988
Municipal Planning Commission (MPC)1993
Land Use Bylaw Amendment1994
Land Use Bylaw Amendment1995
Amendment to Landuse Bylaw1998
Land Use Bylaw Amendment1999
2017 Tax Rate Bylaw2000
Debenture for Peace Regional Recreation Centre2002
Amends Bylaw 18912003
Land Use Bylaw Amendment2005
Amend 20032007
Debenture for Saddleback Sewer Trunk Main2008
Debenture for purchase of a VOIP system2009
Zoning Amendment too Land Use Bylaw2011
Amendment to Land Use Bylaw, Maximum Dwellings per Property 2012
Amendment to St. Germaine ASP2013
Amendment to Land Use Bylaw2014
Procedural Bylaw2015
Amends Land Use Bylaw 18912016
Community Aggregate Levy Bylaw2017
Amendment to Land Use Bylaw2019
Debenture Bylaw for Construction of Shaftesbury Sewer Main Pt12023
Debenture for Replacement of WTP Boiler2026
Debenture for Weberville Drying Beds2027
Debenture for WWTP Sludge Press2028
Debenture for WWTP Aeration Tank Cleaning2029
Council Code of Conduct2030
Debenture for 99 Street Slide Remediation 2031
Amendment to Land Use Bylaw - Cannabis Definitions 2032
Advertising Bylaw2034
2018 Tax Rate2035
Amend the Community Services Bylaw2037
Cannabis - Amends Land Use Bylaw 18912038
Airport Fees Bylaw2039
Taxi Bylaw2040
Municipal Solid Waste Bylaw2042
Off-Site Levy2044
2019 Tax Rate2045
Intermunicipal Development Plan with County of Northern Lights2047
Intermunicipal Development Plan with MD Peace No. 1352048
2049 Bylaw to Repeal 1929 & 19522049
Intermunicipal Subdivision and Development Appeal Board2053
Provide for Elector to Remove Name from Petition2056
Debenture for Reservoir 3652057
Debenture for Replacement of Lift Station # 42058
Debenture for Shaftesbury Sewer Main Pt 2 2059
Repeal 1953 that amended 19112060
Nuisances and Unsightly Property2061
Emergency Management Bylaw2062
Subdivision Authority Bylaw2063
Short Term Borrowing - Master Card Bylaw2065
Line of Credit Bylaw2066
Amends Bylaw 1891 to Redistrict 3585RS, Lot G and amend C-R and R-D2067
Amendment to Line of Credit Bylaw 20662068
Utility Rate Bylaw2069
Tax Penalty Bylaw2070
Tax Rate Bylaw2071
Bylaw to amend 1891 to enable secondary stage housing at 10011 98 St2072
Fees & Charges Bylaw2073
Debenture for Construction of Shaftesbury Sewer Main2074
Establish Regional Assessment Review Board2075
Bylaw to Amend 1891 to add funeral Services2077