Town Council Update – May 11, 2020

Additional information, including documents that went to Council, are available for each agenda item by tapping or clicking the hyperlink in the titles.


The Minutes of the April 27, 2020, Regular Meeting of Council were approved.


Bylaw 2072 – Amendment to the Land Use Bylaw 1891

The first reading was given to Bylaw 2072 which would enable the construction of second-stage housing at 10011 98 St. for the Peace River Regional Women’s Shelter. The Bylaw will go to a public hearing and then second and third reading at a future Council date. Details on the public hearing will be advertised shortly.

New Business

Termination & Disposition fo the Joint Capital Fund

Following the completion of the Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (ICF), the pre-existing Joint Capital Fund with Northern Sunrise County was no longer needed. Council voted to close that fund and redistribute the balance of the Fund, less allocations of $50,000 for Northern Sunrise County, equally between the Town and the County.

Briefing Note Re: Water Treatment Plant Budget

Council reviewed a briefing note regarding the coagulant tanks at the Water Treatment Plant, which need to be to be replaced unexpectedly. Staff are reviewing the capital budget for 2020 along with the Water Treatment Plant budget for funding options for the tanks. Once options have been identified they will be brought to a future Council meeting for a decision. Full details are in the briefing note.

Solid Waste Management Tender

Council awarded the solid waste management contract to Green For Life (GFL) for the next contract term beginning on June 1, 2020. Details on the tender process are included in the request for decision.

Emergency Coordination Centre (ECC) Update

Council reviewed a briefing note on the ongoing work of the Emergency Coordination Centre, which is coordinating the municipality’s response to COVID-19.

Museum Storage Expenditure

Council approved a request from the museum to use money from their reserve fund to purchase storage units for the museum, more details are provided in the request for decision.


Staff, agency, or board reports sent to Council.


Includes information, news, and letters sent to Council that does not require a formal Request for Decision.

Audio Recording of the Council Meeting


Mayor & Council