Town Council Update – June 8, 2020

Additional information, including documents that went to Council, are available for each agenda item by tapping or clicking the hyperlink in the titles.


The Minutes of the May 25, 2020, Regular Meeting of Council were approved.

Public Hearing

A public hearing was held on Bylaw 2072 to enable secondary stage housing at 10011 98 St. No one spoke for, against, or to the impact of the bylaw.


Bylaw 2072 Amend Land Use Bylaw 1891 to enable secondary stage housing at 10011 98 St

Second and third reading was given to Bylaw 2072, which would enable the construction of second-stage housing at 10011 98 St. for the Peace River Regional Women’s Shelter. The next step is the submission of a development permit application which will be considered by the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC).

Unfinished Business

Update Taxi Pass Program Policy

An updated taxi pass policy was approved with the following changes:

  • Addition of “Income Tax Summary” – Administration has found that an Income Tax Summary will also provide as much information that is required for income verification as a Notice of Assessment, therefore this provides clients with an additional source of information that can be used to verify income.
  •  Clarification the process to obtain additional tickets for medical situations. The proposed changes clarify that the medical need must be of a severe nature and will be assessed on a case by case that requires medical verification.
  • Alternate Purchaser – including a stronger format for verification of alternate purchaser, as there was some concern that this section was being exploited where a client would apply and have various others purchasing tickets on their behalf.
  • Taxi Drivers – the addition of a section to clarify that Taxi Drivers are not permitted to be a client of the program and they also cannot purchase tickets on behalf of another client as these are direct conflicts of interest.

Details of the changes will be communicated to taxi pass clients.

New Business

Request for Decision: Appointment to Peace Regional Subdivision & Development Appeal Board

Councillor Orren Ford was confirmed as the councillor representative to the Peace Regional Subdivision and Development Appeal Board for a three-year term, effective August 1, 2020, until November 30, 2023.

Briefing Note re: Athabasca Hall Mural Project

Staff provided an update to council on the Athabasca Mural project. The murals were commissioned in 2019 as part of the Town’s Centennial celebrations and will be installed later this summer, more details in the briefing note linked above

Audio Recording of the Council Meeting


Mayor & Council