Town Council Update – June 10, 2019

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The minutes of the Regular Meeting of Council held on May 27, 2019, were approved as were the minutes of the May 31 Special Council Meeting.

New Business

Grants to Groups – Quarterly Submissions

Council approved the following grant allocations:

  • $500 for the Peace River Pride Society to assist with the 9th Annual LGBTQ2+ Pride Parade.
  • $5000 for the Western Zones Racing Association to assist with the 2019 World Jetboat Race.

More info on Council Grants to Groups is available at the link below:

Council Grants to Organizations

Regional SDAB Members

Council appointed Orren Ford and Rod Burr to the Peace Regional Subdivision and Development Appeal Board.

RFP Award – Facilitator for Inter-municipal Collaboration Framework

The Request for Proposal TPR2019006 – Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Facilitator was awarded to Resources International Consulting & Training Inc.

Dixonville Water Rates

Council directed staff to amend the Utility Rate Bylaw to include water rates to County of Northern Lights for the Dixonville water line at 84.7% (76.7% + 8.0%) of the prevailing Town water rate for domestic connections at 16.5 cubic meters per month per connection, and at 108.0% (100.0% + 8.0%) of the prevailing Town water rate for any volume of water above this amount. Council also directed staff to amend the Utility Rate Bylaw to emulate the Dixonville Water Rates for the Shaftsbury Water Co-Op.

Organizational Staffing Policy

Council approved the Organization Staffing Policy as presented.

Wastewater Sludge Press – Capital Budget Amendment

Council approved the capital funding amendment for the WWTP Sludge Press project for an additional $139,500 for a total project budget of $930,000 and awarded the project to Filtrum Inc. in the amount of $287,000.

Invitation to Northern Sunrise County’s 25th Anniversary Celebration

Mayor and Council were enabled to attend the 25th Anniversary Celebration for Northern Sunrise County.

Concert in the Park

Mayor and Council were enabled to attend the Concert in the Park event taking place June 15, full details are linked below.

Concert in the Park

Invitation to Peace River High School Graduation

Mayor and Council were enabled to attend the Peace River High School graduation ceremony.


Reports sent to Council from staff, agencies, committees or affiliates.


Includes information, news, and letters sent to Council that does not require a formal Request for Decision.

Audio Recording of the Council Meeting


Mayor & Council