Public Consumption Of Cannabis

As of October, 17 Albertans over the age of 18 are able to purchase, grow, and consume cannabis.

In the Town of Peace River consumption of cannabis in public will be regulated by the Alberta Tobacco Reduction Act as well as Alberta’s Act to Control and Regulate Cannabis.

At this time the Town of Peace River is not pursuing a cannabis consumption bylaw. However, during the first six months of legalization, we will collect information to determine what the next steps would need to be taken regarding public cannabis consumption.

Under the Alberta Tobacco Reduction Act and Alberta’s Act to Control and Regulate Cannabis restrictions that apply to cannabis includes:

Not on any hospital property, school property or child care facility property

Not in or within a prescribed distance from:

  • a playground
  • a sports or playing field
  • a skateboard or bicycle park
  • a zoo
  • an outdoor theatre
  • an outdoor pool or splash pad

Not in any motor vehicles, with the exception of those being used as a temporary residence, such as a parked RV

There will also be no consumption of cannabis at any cannabis retail outlets.

The sale and production of Cannabis within the Town is governed under Bylaw 2038.

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