(Pictured above: An example of a sidewalk trip hazard that has been ground down.)

Improving Peace River’s Sidewalks

August 16, 2018
Safe Sidewalks Canada is in town grinding down 170 trip hazards in downtown Peace River and parts of the south end.

This is one of the early steps in a revamped sidewalk maintenance program the Town of Peace River is implementing. We know sidewalks around town are in need of repair and in some cases replacing, which is why this summer we have been working with Safe Sidewalks Canada to improve our sidewalk program.

In July Safe Sidewalks Canada analyzed every centimetre of every sidewalk in town. It included detailed information on the quality of the cement and life expectancy of the sidewalk. With the information imported into our Geographic Information System (GIS), we are able to see the whole picture clearly, improving the effectiveness of our repair and maintenance programs. It will also help staff to accurately budget for annual repairs.

Following the sidewalk assessment in July, Safe Sidewalks Canada returned to Peace River for the weeks of August 13 and 20 and have worked to address a number of trip hazards around town. While they won’t be able to address every trip hazard, this is a substantial start toward the large-scale rejuvenation our sidewalks need.

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