Let’s talk about frozen water lines!

With temperatures this cold, it’s only natural that some are worried about their lines freezing, while others have unfortunately already been experiencing frozen lines. So, if your line isn’t running:

  1. Check that the main water line is turned on.
  2. Make sure the place where your water services enters the building is heated (aim for above 15 degrees, if possible)
  3. Make sure your bleeder or aquaflow is working (if you have one).
  4. Check that no pipes have burst!
  5. Check that there are no leaks.

If everything looks normal, then you probably do have a frozen water line, and it’s time to find it! Consider calling a plumber or mechanical contractor if you can’t find the frozen pipe on your own, or if you’re unable to safely thaw the line.

If you’re able to thaw the pipe yourself, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  1. Keep your faucet running. It gives water and steam somewhere to go as the line thaws.
  2. Apply heat to the section of the pipe that is frozen using an electric heating pad, heat tape, a hair dryer, hot towels, etc. Remember: This is only a temporary solution! Do not leave the heat source on indefinitely, and do not leave it unattended.
  3. Never use any type of open flame to thaw the pipes! (Cannot stress this enough.)
  4. Continue applying heat until water flow returns to normal. When the pipe is thawed, test all the faucets in your home to make sure that no other pipes are frozen.

If the frozen pipes are inside an exterior wall, you should call a professional contractor immediately. Repairs can be complex and most people are not equipped to handle these sorts of things.

If you’ve tried all the steps outlined above and you still have no water, contact Public Works at 780-624-3085.

FINALLY, if you’re on vacation and reading this from somewhere far warmer than Peace River, make sure you ask a neighbour, friend or family member to check in on your home. Ask them to test the taps, toilet, washer, etc., to minimize the chance of any lines freezing.