The River Ice Advisory for the Peace River from Kulyna Flats to the Town of Peace River remains in effect (as of Thursday, January 11, at 3pm).

Please be cautious around the river and avoid the area if you can. Water levels may increase as a result of the new ice cover, and could also fluctuate if the ice front consolidates. Please stay off the ice as it is very unstable at this time.
A reminder that updates can be read at:
The current update, as of Thursday, January 11, at 3pm, reads:

The Peace River has frozen up through the Town of Peace River. Due to the new ice cover, water levels have risen approximately 3.5 m since pre freeze-up conditions. Water levels through Town have stabilized, but may fluctuate rapidly if consolidations of the new ice cover occur.

The ice front is advancing upstream near the Shaftesbury Ferry as of January 11. A rapid advance of the ice front is forecast due to cold temperatures through to the weekend.

For more information about local flood response, residents should contact their local municipality and ask their primary emergency preparedness contact.

Advisories apply to streams and their tributaries unless otherwise noted.