Town of Peace River & County of Northern Lights Successfully Conclude ICF Negotiations

April 17, 2020

After several months of productive negotiations, the Town of Peace River and County of Northern Lights are pleased to announce that we have agreed to a new Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (ICF) agreement.

The ICF agreement will help the Town and County work collaboratively towards the mutual benefit of the region’s residents. This is done by enhancing and improving upon previous revenue sharing arrangements. The agreement also provides guidance for dispute resolution, capital project planning, and other items that impact both municipalities.

As part of the ICF the existing fire services agreement between the County and the Town will continue.

“On behalf of the ICF negotiating committee for the County of Northern Lights, with the support of my council, I am pleased to see this agreement with the Town of Peace River reach a successful conclusion. The process had plenty of challenges along the way but the more the two municipalities met, the more they understood each other’s needs. This framework will be the basis for successful relationships between the county and the town and we will continue to build a stronger region together.”

  • Terry Ungarian, Reeve, County of Northern Lights

“Working through the ICF process with the County of Northern Lights provided a unique opportunity to better understand the challenges facing both municipalities. With this agreement we are now better equipped to meet those challenges in a more cohesive and collaborative manner. This will benefit residents in the region and help shape a brighter future for all of us.”

  • Tom Tarpey, Mayor, Town of Peace River