Town Council Update – March 9, 2020


The Minutes of the February 24, 2020, Regular Meeting of Council were approved.

New Business

Northwestern Airlines Update

Town staff presented a briefing note with an update on negotiations to bring Northwestern Air to Peace River as a scheduled air service provider.

Sixties Scoop Event Invitation

Council was enabled to attend the Sixties Scoop experiential exercise called, “Reflections from the Sixties Scoop,” which will take place at the Peace River Municipal Library on Wednesday, April 8.

Spring Trade Show

Council was enabled to attend the upcoming tradeshow on April 17 and 18 hosted by the Peace River and District Chamber of Commerce.

Out of the Cold Shelter Open House

Council was enabled to attend the Out of the Cold Shelter open house on March 30.

Joint Council Meeting with Northern Sunrise County

Council approved a request that the Mayor call a Special Council meeting for Monday, March 23 at 5 pm to ratify the Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Agreement with Northern Sunrise County and to change the start time for the regular meeting that night to 5:30 pm.

Museum Board Appointment

Council approved the appointment of a new board member Jonathan Spaner.

Library Board Appointment and Renewals

Council approved one new board member and three renewals for the Peace River Municipal Library board. Cassidy Dejonghe has been added as a new member and Barb Turcotte, Emma Anso, and Genna Davidge-Smith had their terms as board members renewed.

COVID-19 Planning (Verbal Report)

Town staff provided an update regarding preparations for COVID-19. The Town is reviewing our Pandemic Business Continuity Plan and updating it, we will be taking our cues from health authorities and working with health agencies as needed. The Town is also making sure that we have all of the materials in place to support critical infrastructure systems, such as water treatment, fire, and protective services. We have been in touch with the provincial health authorities level to update contact information. A full verbal report is contained in the meeting audio.


Staff, agency, or board reports sent to Council.


Includes information, news, and letters sent to Council that does not require a formal Request for Decision.

Audio Recording of the Council Meeting


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