Town Council Update – April 27, 2020

Additional information, including documents that went to council, are available for each agenda item by tapping or clicking the hyperlink in the titles.


The Minutes of the April 14, 2020, Regular Meeting of Council were approved.


Bylaw 2069 – 2020 Utility Rate

Council gave third reading to Bylaw 2069. The bylaw increases the water rate by $0.68 per cubic metre (1000 litres) of water used. It also raises the fines for tampering with fire hydrants and water meters. More details on the proposed bylaw are linked above, tap or click the title to learn more.

Bylaw 2070 – Tax Penalty Bylaw

The Tax Penalty Bylaw was given first, second, and third reading, While the Tax Penalty Bylaw does not change the tax due date it does modify penalties. Taxes are still due at the end of June, however, the first penalty date on unpaid taxes will be October 1st. This measure was also taken to ease pressures due to COVID-19 by allowing more time to pay without penalty.

Bylaw 2071 – Tax Rate Bylaw

Council gave Bylaw 2070 first, second, and third reading.

Tax revenue needs in 2020 have been reduced to nearly the same as 2019, this is in response to the pressures placed on the community due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2019 the tax rate bylaw requisitioned $11,317,810 and in 2020 the bylaw is requisitioning $11,301,470 for a net decrease of $16,340. These savings were identified during a financial review brought before Council on April 14, which identified how the Town could reduce revenue needs for 2020.

For most ratepayers, these changes will result in a zero percent, or negligible, increase in property taxes for 2020.

New Business

Briefing Note: Emergency Coordination Centre (ECC) Update

An update on the Town’s ECC activities related to COVID-19 was brought before Council. Details are in the briefing note linked in the title.

Briefing Note: Pat’s Creek Flood

A preliminary report on the Pat’s Creek Flood from April 18, 2020, was brought before Council. Details are in the briefing note linked in the title.

Request for Resolution in Support of Forest Resouce Improvement Association of Alberta (FRIAA) Grant

Council passed a resolution in favour of the Fire Department’s Application for an FRIAA grant to help develop a wildfire risk assessment and to create a mitigation strategy plan to reduce wildfire risk in the community.

Letter to Minister of Health in Support of Physician Contracts

Council voted to ask that Councillor Downing and Deputy Mayor Manzer draft a letter to the Minister around our continuing concerns around healthcare attraction and retention.


Staff, agency, or board reports sent to Council.


Includes information, news, and letters sent to Council that does not require a formal Request for Decision.

Audio Recording of the Council Meeting


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